The Wheel Of The Year: A 12-Month Forecast

By Kaitlin: 2016 had just ended, and let us all welcome 2017. It has been a year of challenges, and of endings. With endings, though, come beginnings- new opportunities for growth. Death of the old makes room to birth the new.

kaitlin3 But what does this year have in store? Using the deck of Oracle cards I have had since I was just thirteen years old, I have asked Spirit to give me a heads-up of what to expect this year. Twelve cards, one for every month, line up perfectly into the numbers on a clock, showing us the Wheel of the Year.

1 – January – The Mystic Circle
All of the ordeals and trials you have undergone over the last year are coming to a head; this has been a test, and you are passing. As you cross over into the New Year, a lightness seems to fall over you, if only briefly. This is hope for the future, and a peaceful realization that everything you have been going through has been for a reason: it has put you where you are. This is a place of learning. You have already jumped through the hoops, and now you are approaching your reward. You may not have recognized the lessons in your experiences quite yet, but it is on the horizon.

2 – February – The Chalice Reversed
You are renewed and refreshed from your experiences in the Mystic Circle, and are ready to turn all that new energy and knowledge outward to share with the world. A word of advice: be careful. It is going to be all too easy to fall into emotionally draining situations, and there is a sensation that you feel obligated somehow to fulfill other people’s emotional needs. This is not your job! Giving of yourself becomes addictive; you need to help people, you need to be the shoulder to cry on. After a while, you will have given so much that you don’t have enough left to take care of yourself. Other people may not be as generous as you.

3 – March – The Caduceus
This is your recovery time from the Chalice’s effects. Now is a time of healing and rest, and allowing yourself to be a priority. Stay open, though, as there is going to be an opportunity to reconnect to someone you have been out of contact with for a while. It may be as obvious as a knock on your door, or as subtle as a mention by someone else. This is not necessarily something that you need to reach out and do, but you will need to solidify contact. You may not be the one knocking, but you need to open the door. This time brings healing of the mind, body, soul, and relationships.

4 – April – The Raven Reversed
Do not get too comfortable; the Raven keeps you on your toes. Springtime will bring along some doubts and uncertainties, feelings of drifting and of losing touch with who you are. There seems to be something hovering over your shoulder, making the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. It feels like something is coming, and you aren’t sure of what, or how to prepare for it. Do not allow yourself to become complacent or sedentary; the only way to escape the coming darkness is to keep moving forward. Even if you don’t know which way to go, trust your own intuition. Put your faith in yourself.

5 – May – Earth
The frustrations brought on by the Raven’s trickery have not quite ended, but there is a solution: Logic and rational thought. It certainly isn’t easy, after an emotionally rattling February and the desperate need for intuition through April, but May will demand that your feet stay firmly planted in reality. Use your common sense before any other. Write out your pros and cons. Make concrete, physical plans. Don’t bully your intuition into hiding, but don’t let your imagination run amok with you, either.

6 – June – The Wizard Reversed
Someone, or several some ones, is desperate you’re your aid and attention. Don’t hide from this request, but be very cautious if you choose to walk down this path: they do not know when to stop. They will ask for more and more, and continue to take without really paying you back. They will try, no doubt, but all of their efforts fall flat when it comes down to actually balancing things out. You give an inch, they run a mile. Know when to say: “Enough.”

7 – July – Fire Reversed
Summer’s heat brings passion and reckless abandonment. Be careful- now is NOT the time to make rash decisions, especially based off of the heat of the moment. You, or someone close to you, has a very short fuse right now. Don’t allow you to aggravate that, especially in yourself. Find ways to keep your soul calm; perform meditative grounding exercises. You may be feeling bored, like you need a change, but to do so without careful planning will be no better than jumping into the fire out of the frying pan.

8 – August – Serendipity
Everything is happening as it needs to. A surprise opportunity has made itself available- perhaps an invitation to a party, or a new job offer being presented. Spirit is whispering in your ear, guiding your steps. You don’t need to search for the way, for it is right at your feet. Essentially, there are no mistakes for this period. Any setbacks are secretly beneficial; like being stuck at a red light and avoiding an accident a block away.

9 – September – The Black Cat Reversed
September will bring change. These changes will probably be drastic, and will undoubtedly be hard to accept. There will be a demand to let go of some comfort, some close thing or person that you have been struggling to hold on to. Once you let go, things will be easier. The transition will be as hard as you let it. If you follow the Cat and let it take you on its journey, it will be a lot easier than being forced through the change.

10 – October – The Maiden Reversed
It is all too easy to become distracted by the new things in our lives. Following the opportunity presented by Serendipity in August, it is becoming all too tempting to allow yourself to become almost obsessed. It takes all your focus, and you end up with a similar attitude to that of the Chalice: exhaustion. This card can best be described as a garden; if you put too much focus into it, if you over-water it, it becomes drab and drowns. Obsessing over things will only take away your love of them.

11 – November – The Golem
Someone close to you has seen what the Maiden’s energy has done, and is stepping forward to take care of you- whether you like it or not. At this point you are all hustle and bustle, and so focused on everything and everyone else, that you have neglected your own needs. The Golem sees this, and comes in and scoops you up to make sure you are getting the rest you need. Don’t fight too hard; they won’t stop until they can see you smile again.

12 – December – The Seer
An auspicious card to end on, indeed! This year, you will have taken the reins into your own hands. You have had enough of solving other people’s problems. Your own are under control- perhaps not all tied up, but you are working on them in your own time, and it is paying off. This year, you won’t need to rely on anyone but yourself. The people in your life are there because they love you, not because you can do something for them. The lessons learned in the Mystic Circle have cycled to completion and you are your own person, happy and certain of yourself.

This year won’t be all easy, but neither will it be all bad! With this heads-up, you can be aware of key factors in the year to come, and be prepared for them. Have a wonderful new year, and Blessed Be!


Love and Light,

Kaitlin Rhiannon

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