May’s Guiding Goddess

By Kaitlin: At the beginning of each month, I draw a card from Susan Seddon Boulet and Michael Babcock’s deck of Goddess Knowledge Cards, asking for the advice of whichever Goddess comes to me. I observe Her virtues, Her symbols, and Her teachings.

Last month, we were guided by Persephone, and She advised that we face our fears and let go of the past, to move on to a better future.

This month, I have been chosen by Rhiannon – one of my namesakes, as you know. She is the Great Goddess of the Welsh pantheon, often represented by a white horse, which is a form that She is known to take. Rhiannon is a celestial queen of life, death, and rebirth, and a Goddess of Witches. She has been reimagined in other stories as Viviane or Nimue, the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian myth. In these legends, She is the one who grants Arthur his kingship, his power. It is She who reaches up through the water with Excalibur. Likewise, in the Old Ways, Rhiannon was the Queen and Her consort became King after proving himself worthy of the power and responsibility that came of it.

kaitlin3 The candidate for Kingship would meet Rhiannon dressed as a Stag, a symbol that has survived thousands of years as one of regal masculinity, and of animal instincts. In the middle ages, to kill a stag in the King’s forest was punishable by death. As Rhiannon demanded Her consort to be swathed in instinct and virility, so too does She demand that we find our own creativity through our own inner fire.

Rhiannon is a muse of creativity, and is often accompanied by three birds. She is a Goddess of dreams, so make sure to pay attention for messages coming through the cracks of your subconscious! She may even be communicating with you directly. When you hear the dawn chorus, that is Her song. Sometimes called the Faerie Queen, Rhiannon can be found in the simplest places of nature, but particularly in the sweet voices of songbirds.

As a Goddess of Rebirth, Rhiannon also reminds us that this existence is not the end, and that our current state is not our final state. With the ability to wake the dead and send the living to slumber, She whispers of the delicate balance between life and death, and that after one comes another- and then the other follows. It is not finite but infinite, a wheel that never stops turning.

This Goddess is not one to go into contracts with lightly – She is the Great Queen, after all. Rhiannon is demanding and clever, and will do what She will until She gets what She wants. From this, we know we must know our own boundaries. We must make our demands and stick to them, because when it comes down to what is best for us, we make the final decision. She tells us to persevere until the job is done and we get what we need, regardless of how hard the work is or how long it may take.

This month, think about what it is that you really want. Are you still having a hard time with change and transition? There may be a reason – if you are dealing with unfinished business, it must get done. Once it is, you may cross the threshold into the next state. Is this state benefiting you? Make your demands and stand firm on what is important to you. If your happiness is on the line, do what you can to keep it intact. Listen to your instincts, to your dreams. What are they telling you? They will tell you what your real needs are, whether you need to let go and move forward or to stay where you are and deal with what needs doing. Try to find some way to access your creative energies: reading, writing, painting, pottery, gardening. It will help to manifest the things in your soul and your heart into something you can see and feel, and from there you can address your needs more clearly.

“Goddess bless your weary heart
Tried and tested, torn apart
Holding hands around the flames
Healed and whole, we rise again”
-SJ Tucker, “Rootless”


Blessed Be; Love and Light,


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