April’s Guiding Goddess

By Kaitlin: At the beginning of each month, I draw a card from Susan Seddon Boulet and Michael Babcock’s deck of Goddess Knowledge Cards, asking for the advice of whichever Goddess comes to me. I observe Her virtues, Her symbols, and Her teachings.

For the month of April, I have been chosen by Persephone. This is quite fitting for my first time sharing these cards here, because Persephone was the first Deity to choose me as Hers.

kaitlin3 Persephone is the Queen of Death, and the Goddess of Spring. She treads the balance between Light and Dark, Day and Night. In the Northern Hemisphere, where I am, She is now making her ascent from the Underworld to the world of the Living, and with Her She brings Spring and new life. In the Southern Hemisphere, Persephone is descending back to Hades, and the land cools as night grows.

Persephone, as with many Death Deities, represents the hidden Mysteries of life. She represents a woman’s intuition, those little messages that we don’t always understand right away, but always seem to come in the nick of time. There is Darkness within us all, and it isn’t a bad thing. In the Dark, we can rest, revitalize, and heal. Some things can only grow in the dark. In the darkness, we cannot trust what we see- we can only trust what we feel, what we sense- and those senses are heightened.

At the same time, though, Persephone is the Lady of Spring. Here, we have illumination, rebirth. Here we see what was hidden, and we can balance it out with what we have felt. After such a period of darkness, we appreciate the warmth and light all the more. From the ashes rises the phoenix; from Death comes Life.

Persephone is a Goddess of trusting oneself, of balance between Dark and Light, of life and death and life again.

Her virtues, the teachings that She is suggesting for the month of April, center around rebirth. Let go of what is dead and gone, to make room for new growth. She will put you face to face with all your inner demons, with the darkness of your own soul, and make you address them. They are a part of you, and should not be denied. They should not necessarily be fed, but they do need to be addressed. In some cases, what you have hidden away in the corners of your soul can help you, even just by accepting that they exist. You may not have a spotless record, you may have done some bad things, and you may have been a toxic person. To accept that is the first step to healing- the longer those things stay hidden in the darkness, the greater they will grow, and the harder they will be to get rid of.

Persephone is not always kind or merciful, but She is fair. She will grant you the wisdom to work through your problems, if you are brave enough to face them.

As a Goddess of Death, it is understandable that She may be more than a little intimidating. It is important to remember here that Death does not mean the end of a life. We experience Death every day in little ways, and multiple times in big ways, throughout our own lives. The person you were as a child died to give way to adolescence, and that person died when you became an adult. Transmutation from one state to another may not be easy, but it is necessary. Flowers die in the winter, and return again in the spring. Death is simply a doorway from one place to another; when one stage of life has reached its fruition, and cannot grow any more, and there is no harvest left to reap, it is time to move on.

“Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.”

kaitlin2-The Desiderata

Blessed Be; Love and Light,


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