The Universal Source Code

By Michael: We live in a world where everything is connected. We can no longer think in terms of us and them when it comes to the consequences of the way we live. We are all one! It is fascinating and yet true. Water understands our words, plants react to how we speak to them and the planet hears and understands our emotions. Knowing this is a game-changer for all of us.

Experiments in Japan showed that when a word such as “Love” or “Thank you” is spoken to a water droplet at the exact time of crystallization, that droplet forms beautiful sacred geometry. Each water crystal formed is unique to the word spoken. Likewise, if something negative is spoken such as “hate” then no sacred geometry is formed at all.

1michael2 These experiments show that water understands our emotions. Now considering we are 80% water, it makes sense, therefore not to drink water when we are in a state of anxiety or anger. In this emotional state we destroy all the positive energy and the life force that the water offers us. At the same time when we drink the water and say some positive and loving words such as thank you, bless you, we change the structure of the water to life enhancing with added vibrance.

The same is true with plants, endless experiments have been made that show when we speak lovingly and kind to plants, they grow and the lifespan is longer than just leaving them to their own devices. These same experiments also show that speaking badly or hatefully towards them cause them to die prematurely.

What can we learn from this? If speaking kindly to plants can enhance life or “crush” life. Imagine then the effect of being kind or chastising yourself can have on you. Considering that you will be the last person that you speak to before you sleep and the first person you greet in the morning, then without a doubt it is very important for mind and body awareness and healing to simply be kind to yourself, to simply tell yourself that you are doing your best right now and that is good enough. That’s all we can do at any moment.

And as we walk our path on this planet, it is good to know that she also hears and understands our emotions.

Courtesy of Random Event Generators placed all around the globe, it is clear that we humans have the gift of pre-cognizance and we are fully aware of any major event that is about to take place and the planet records this and sends data back to clarify that we do indeed recognize when something big is going to happen.

For example, 4 hours before the first plane hit the twin towers, the REG’s sent back a major spike in the data which indicates a major event is about to take place. What is most interesting about this case is that the data was picked up and analyzed at Princeton University, which is, in global terms very local.

But it is not the only disasters that we as humans can pick up on, there are also have been spikes when something super joyful is about to take place and naturally the planet responds to it. How is it that the planet hears our thoughts and feelings. Well, according to studies at the Karma institute, our heart frequency range is within the same frequency range as the planets making us synchronized.

So how cool is that – although we are all individuals, we are all connected, hmm! This brings to mind the topic of 6 degrees of separation… maybe for next time.


Love and Light,


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