The Turning Point

By Ann: “What comes around, goes around”. Whatever you do, it will come back to you, good or bad. These are the thoughts that I keep reminding my clients whenever they are in doubt of something. Hello again! It is nice to see you reading this Blog. The topic right now is the turning point. Do you ever wonder when you need to give up on a situation and move on and let go?

Have you ever wondered why this is not happening the way you would like it to, and you are sick of waiting and the time just drags on, this can be so frustrating.

There are a lot of reasons why this happens. Maybe the person is not ready. In this life, you must be ready for any challenge; I call this being one step ahead of any situation that you can encounter, good or bad.

ann3 Of course, it is all about what you believe if you trust in the universe or God. The reason I say this is simple, because I am talking about your higher self. Did you know that with tapping into your higher self, you can accomplish anything? This is called tapping into the universal life force. Sure there are skeptics and only believe what they see and this is the illusion.

You see, once you put out there the power of belief and trust that this will happen and stop worrying about the time it takes and keep moving forward in life and let the situation take care of itself. Of course you ask your higher self and the universe to help you in all things and they will. Spirit beings (that we call Angels) really does exist and there is a turning point or do we just go with the process of life and get on with moving forward and when it happens, it happens. This is the attitude to have.

There is no accurate time. There are never estimates but, human beings do not want to wait for things to happen in their own time. You cannot control another human being. To be with you or do anything you want them to do and if you try to do this someone will enter your life that will do it to you. You have heard the saying “What comes around, goes around”. Whatever you do, it will come back to you, good or bad. For example, I had a client that wanted her license so bad and she went the first time and failed. She did not want to go back again. She felt that she was doomed, and she was never going to go forward in life. I asked her to trust and go for the driving test again. She failed again and she came to me and said I will never get it. I told her that this is a lesson. The more she thinks she will not get it, the more she won’t. This is what you are attracting to herself and each time she will be disappointed and the more she will not get her licence. She insisted that she was still not going to get and each time I said trust in her higher self-ask the Angels to help. She was so down on herself and her self-esteem was lowest point of her life.

On the 10th time, she failed then she came to me and asked what is she doing wrong? I told her, “What do you feel that you are learning from this?” She said to me all she knows is that she will never going to get her licence and she is doomed.
I told her that this is what she needs to do. I asked her to try this without any doubt at all and trust in her higher self and ask the Angels to help her. Archangel Michael, he is the Angel of justice, but when you ask him, you need to believe. This is what my client said to me, “I still will not get my license Ann” and I said “You will but you need to no doubt and let go of all fear.”

Well, my client, Kyle went again and did not listen and she failed again.

So now it was her eleventh time she had gone for her licence. And still did not get it. Finally, she said to me, “Okay Ann I have tried it my way and it does not work, I will listen.”

I asked her what have she learnt from this? Kyle said to me, “I did not listen the first time, I could have trusted and not been so doubtful and hard on myself.”

I told Kyle what she needs to do. She needs to do is go again and apply for her license again and again, even if she fails and trust that she will get her license and ask the Angels to help her. This is all you do then you let the time go she asked me. “Ann, what do you mean?” I told her to forget how many times she have gone for her license, every time she should think this is her first time and she will get her license and this will be the turning point in her life that you will not have to walk everywhere and she will be able to take her daughter to school. It will give her a sense of self-worth.

Kyle did get her license the 13th time. She applied and she adopted the attitude to success and belief that this was going to happen for her and when she came back and showed me her license. She said “Ann, I did this the hard way and all I needed to do was change my attitude, it was hard for me to believe that I can do something right and to believe in myself.” Anyhow, Kyle is in a loving relationship, has two daughters and now has her license and is studying. This was her turning point. What is it going to take for your turning point in life?


Hugs and love,


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