The Truth Behind Distance

There are many different types of distance. Distance within a relationship, distant outside of a relationship, physical distance, spiritual distance. The list goes on. No one likes the feeling of anticipating that phone call, that text message, that email. That long awaited contact from someone whom we feel such a connection to, or even are in love with. Why is it that no matter
how much you reach out to them they are either don’t reply, or reply in very basic communication even if they do love you why are they being so distant.

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Now I have many clients come to me with all types of questions of the past, the present and the future. Questions from all walks of life. One thing which is so very common is the amount of distance so many of you all experience, this is a hard thing to experience and so many of you are experiencing this right now and are connecting with what I am saying. It hurts, it tests
you to your limits, it makes you feel unloved, unwanted, lonely, insecure just to name a few of those things we all dread. Now, why? why are they distant?

In a relationship, distance almost always occurs for a few of these reasons below. Decline in communication, Real Understanding, Feeling lost within therefore needing time for oneself, Lack of Appreciation. Now Distance also Occurs out of a relationship with an old love who we still feel connected to or are even in love with. Often times they feel the same yet distance
themselves to make us feel as if there is no hope in the future. How can they do this to us? There are almost always the same things happening here, Time to grow within and find their calling before they can commit, Need to learn to love themselves before they can give love, Not being ready, and sometimes but funnily enough the least common one having moved on.

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Now distance can hurt, and it can be so hard on us, it can be emotionally straining, and although it does not make us feel happy and loved one thing is for sure and that is one very positive thing this distance is happening for a reason. It is taking place because it must happen, the universe is allowing it to happen in order to ensure our future gets to the right place it was always meant to. Sometimes Distance occurs to give our other half time to get to a place in life where they are the best version of themselves so that they can be the best partner for us. Often times this is the case. Other times timing can come in the way of distance, and distance can take place at the wrong time which sometimes leads us down different paths in life’s meeting new loves and partners Does a change of love and path mean it is the wrong destiny? NO it simply means its your destiny.

Now there are millions of ‘invisible interconnected energy cells’ in the universe which are all aligned in a specific layout with our lives planned, well before we are born. The universe always has a plan for us whether it be short or long there is always a plan. Now one thing we often do is look at distance as a bad occurrence. The truth is it is not because when you look
at it this way ‘ Distance is an Occurrence which takes place in some of our relationships, it is a reminder that the universe is alive and working, it is a reminder that we are on the path to our future, It is a reminder that we are alive and our feelings are real, it is a reminder that a high
power loves us as this distance has been created to ensure a happier and better future for us’. This is how we must view distance, it is the only way, it is the positive way, it is the true way.

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