The Thinking Mind

By Teressa: Thought is a magical, wonderous ability where you think of something, then create it and turn it into a tangible item. Something you can physically touch.

Much is the same in how we attract certain situation’s into our reality. Continuously focusing our energy, time, and thought into something will ultimately bring forth that very notion we have been stewing over. Be it consciously and/or subconsciously, the impact thought can deliver is in whether the they are positive in nature or negative in nature.


Thinking the worst in any situation will do two things. Firstly, it will send you into a flight or fight state, where you are living in fear of something that hasn’t yet happened. Secondly, you will bring forth the very energy you were trying to stave off, creating a war within yourself because it turned out exactly as you thought it would. This is because it was thought into reality. The energetic vibration that was being sent out was based off of fear and not in faith. Without faith, or trust in our own thought process we tend to allow our subconscious to take over the wheel and drive.

When we overload our busy minds with too many thoughts, unfinished ideas, dreams, realities, goals and so on, we become lost in an auto transmitted frequency, enabling us to engage in day to day tasks. This will keep us from attaining our true goal, our purpose work, our greater reason for incarnating at this time.

Think outside of fear and imagine where your life could take you, be childlike, with fearless ambition and dedication at the task at hand. The power of thought can transform any situation into either a positive influence or a negative influence and when we aren’t conscious of our thought processes it usually takes up the form of a negative vibration. This frequency is then amplified by what the subconscious is fueling those particular thought forms.

Changing a perspective or the way we feel, think, or see thing’s can ultimately help to shift the lower vibrational frequency and change the unconscious manifestations we were creating and bringing to a tangible reality.

Meditation is a key tool to use daily, even if for just five minutes a day. This will aid in bringing you closer to your highest self. Meditation can help create that positive vibration which will shift the focus and allow you to manifest all of your greatest desires.

Presence is necessary for thoughts to manifest in a positive direction. Including more assuredness. Being consciously aware of the thought’s we are creating will ensure that if a negative emotion comes up, we are able to sit with it and understand wholly why we are thinking that way.

The more we are consciously aware of our thought processes the more control we have over creating the life we desire. Positive growth comes once our thought patterns change and we are in alignment with our highest most good. Conscious thought will move mountain’s if you want it to.


After all, it is our birthright to be abundant in all area’s of our lives.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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