The Rhythm Of The Ocean: Healing The Soul

By Chelsea: Why are so many spiritualists drawn to the ocean when they need thorough healing of their own? Healers have a natural ability to heal others, yes, but usually not themselves. Many of us do rely on coastal locations for this.  Many of us think maybe we’re from Atlantis; some believe we are mermaid spirits at the core. But, there are very grounded reasons that even the most closed-off individuals can use.   

The ocean itself has a calming effect on most people… the air, the sounds, nature, the beauty. It’s undeniable. But, to sea and water elemental intuits, it is truly energizing. The ocean waves’ energy is amazing, as it’s the same energy as new life. It is chi. It is birth  It is regeneration. It is beautiful and thought, and it’s the very birthplace of life. It is immortal. It goes beyond calming for many healers that it’s actually a religious experience for some of us to be there.


Mind-Body-Spiritual healing takes place there. Salt and ocean minerals can heal physical wounds, and the minerals are needed for us as humans to generate the energy to heal physically. The rolling nature of the ocean, with the rhythmic constant wave patterns, also reminds us of the beginning of our existence; it reminds us of the heartbeat we hear in utero. With that, it brings about perspective, hope, healing, and clarity of mind. Spiritually, because the energy is constantly renewing, the air is continually changing, the water is continuously new, and there is so much life there that it recharges you spiritually. This is where life started.

Even the least spiritual person can admit the mystery and depth of the ocean is attractive. But, there is also a fine line between elements, where water meets air, light is bent, and reflection is intense and magical. To scryers, this is where their gifts excel, where they see, feel, and understand the most.  

For ocean elementals, even those that don’t realize it are drawn to make a way of life from this incredible resource. Surfers, Boaters, Divers, Fishermen, Beachcombers, Marine biologists and Animal conservationists. Once you’ve found this element, and it’s something that is part of you, you can’t imagine your life without having it 100 percent of the time. People living in the desert may find a lake to help with all of these things, but it’s still just a fraction of the immense healing power that the ocean holds for everyone.

Is it time to plan your next visit to the coast? Below is a list of spiritual places that are excellent ocean destinations and why a visit would allow you to feel even more as one with all things, at one with the Universe, connected to each other.


Alaska: Indian Point, Juneau Alaska

Spirituality: This is right on Auke Bay. It’s protected land because it’s one of the original village sites of the A’akw Kwaan. Aside from the beauty, peace, and history of this location, whale watching here is one of the more spiritual experiences you can have.

Lower 48 states: West coast: Bandon, Oregon

Spirituality: The town has Coquille Native American history, Irish history, and gold rush history. It is a twin city by agreement to Cork, Ireland, and you can feel it on the beach. Whale watching happens here as well during the migration.  Horseback riding on this very historical and beautiful beach is a must during your visit.

East Coast: Pier 54, Chelsea, New York

Spirituality: This is the pier where the survivors of the infamous Titanic were taken after the disastrous demise of the ship in April of 1912. Because of the tragedy, the energy held at this location is akin to Odin, or Death in tarot.  It is bittersweet, ending and beginning, joy and sadness, and it is imprinted here. To experience this location truly is to put things in perspective. Life can change quickly.  Know what’s important to you.  Always.

Hawaii: Ke’e Heiau, Kauai

Spirituality: This location is one of two sacred spots where the Paoa and Kauai chief Lohiau trained in all aspects of the sacred Hula arts. Also of interest, this location is where Lohiahu died as a result of his love of Pele (the fire goddess) and was brought back to life by Wahineomao and Pele’s sister Hi’iaka. It’s very sacred and off-limits, but you can enjoy it from afar.

Canada: West Coast: Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Spirituality:  It’s hard to explain why this place is so spiritual… many people have a connection to the pacific northwestern area anyway. It really could be the whale watching, the beauty, the surfing, the Native culture, but I feel like the storm watching makes it so incredibly unique. Vancouver island affects everyone differently. You’ll have to connect with it and take the messages she has for you.

East Coast: Fundy Bay, Nova Scotia

Spirituality:   This is one of the seven natural wonders of North America.   Its beauty is pristine, flawless, and ancient. Fundy offers 300 million-year-old fossils that almost make it seem like time is standing still. The whale and puffin watching, included in the ancient beauty, makes for a spiritual awakening that’s unique to you and ultimately one of a kind.

Mexico: Sea of Cortez

Spirituality: The Sea of Cortez is 4000 km or 2500 miles of unique and unforgettable beauty. You can, of course, obtain as much spiritual enlightenment and balancing/healing as you can from the shore, but my recommendation is that you experience the Sea of Cortez on or in the water.  Snorkeling or scuba diving would be the preferable way…. But, do consider kayaking, sailing, and paddle boarding. The Sea of Cortez is known as the “Aquarium of the World” due to its incredible marine life. If you swim in these waters, a part of your heart stays with the Sea and the Sea imprints on you.

South America: Las Grutas, Argentina

Spirituality: Known for having the warmest waters in all of Argentina, Las Grutas will allow you to become one with the shoreline and experience the water in the most lovely of ways. Experience your healing and your balancing for your mind/body/spirit connection in this beautiful area overshadowed by white cliffs. It is a local favorite, so the charm of this place is that it’s not touristy and instead just peaceful. There is a unique feel to this area, but it’s not something can be put into words.

Greenland: Rocky Beach

Spirituality: With Greenland’s population being 85% Inuit, you feel that much of this island has gone untouched by other cultures. Much of the economy is rooted in fishing and whaling, and it’s been traditional, reaching back thousands of years. That, combined with seeing the wonders of glaciers calving, is incredibly grounding. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience.

Iceland: Black Beach

Spirituality: This gorgeous location was featured on Game of Thrones if you’re a fan. This area is rich with the folklore of trolls thing to pull ships into shore but then being turned to stone. The black sand is striking, mesmerizing, and pristine. There is an old-world Celtic or Norse feeling about this part of the world, and that feeling provides for one of the most unique locations to heal and maintain.

Norway: Norwegian Fjords

Spirituality:  These Fjords are very tall towering canyons that have been carved deeply by ancient glaciers. It’s unmistakable when you are there; the past meets the future in the most quaint and magnificent way.

Russia: Glass Beach,  Ussuriyskiy Zaliv

Spirituality: Once travel becomes available again after this war is over, take a walk on Glass Beach and pick up sea glass for a collection. The pieces of sea glass choose you as part of their journey, and each one has a story of its own. Remember, those stories are locked inside the glass to be preserved forever. It is a merging place for all of these stories to combine to help you on your journey. This place will touch your soul and remind you how connected all of our paths really are.

Madagascar: ‘lle Sainte-Marie

Spirituality: This location is known for being a base for pirates, yes, real pirates, in the 17th and 18th centuries. Many lost treasures or secrets are buried there; some are meant to be found, and some are not. The lagoon is shark-free, and the island is full of history. This unique beauty will allow you to explore yourself and come to terms with the things that are yours and yours only and not to be shared, while other things will surface, and you’ll realize there is a reason you are meant to share certain things with the world. You will leave comfortable with the many things you find out about yourself from deep within.

South Africa: Mnemba Island, Tanzania

Spirituality: Sure, diving and snorkeling are a thing like the other locations.  And this is a very, very small secluded island that almost looks like it was made for honeymooners alone. But, the natural beauty of this island is its simplicity of it. You have everything you need without the extravagance, and the luxury you find there comes from within. This island allows you to quiet your mind in an almost all-encompassing meditation just by being there.  

China: Beihai Beaches, Weizhau Island

Spirituality: This is a vast, beautiful beach that can accommodate thousands at a time. That’s not the most fantastic part about it. The waters here have a unique self-purification ability and are so clear that you can see 2 meters down into the water. If you’re looking for clarity in your life and choices, you may find it here. This is an absolute dream for scryers as well.  

UK:  Camber Sands, Sussex

Spirituality: Camber sands consist of a beach and a system of silky sand leading to this beautiful beach. It is a no-frills beach, but the one thing that will sink in when you arrive is the sheer vastness of this gorgeous area. The parking can be an hour away, so plan to walk through the dunes. But, what you take away from this very long and beautiful beach is this. If you are having trouble seeing past your current or seemingly hopeless situation, you may find your way past it here at Camber. 

Thailand: Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya

Spirituality: Taken straight from Wikipedia, “The Sanctuary of Truth” is an unfinished museum in PattayaThailand, which is a hybrid of temple and castle based on Ayutthaya period and BuddhistHindu beliefs. It was designed by the Thai businessman Lek Viriyaphan in the Ayutthaya style. The building is notably constructed entirely out of wood, specifically Mai DeangMai TakienMai Panchaat, and Teak, and it contains only wood-carved idols and sculptures. Construction first began on the Sanctuary of Truth in 1981 and continues as of 2020, though visitors are permitted inside with hard hats. Located on 13 hectares of land, the temple houses an internal space of 2,115 m2, with the tallest spire reaching 105 m., Need I say more?    

Japan: Oarai Isosaki Shrine

Spirituality:  This shrine was founded in 856 when two deities are said to have descended upon the coast of Oarai. The two enshrined at Oarai Isosaki Shrine are Daikoku-sama, the god of nation-building and national prosperity, and Sukunahikona-no-Mikoto, the god of medicine.
Oarai Isosaki Shrine is associated with the nearby Kamiiso-no-Torii, a sacred gate where the gods are said to have descended earth.

If you are struggling with manifestation or building something in your life…. Or even lack of vision to move forward, this location will help you to where you want to be.   

Australia: Byron Bay

Spirituality: Byron Bay is known as Australia’s spiritual and healing capital. It may be more of a spiritual location because of the energy that healers, psychics, and metaphysicists bring in, and less about the site, although gorgeous! Diving and snorkeling are popular here, but also, to have a nice balance for you, tarot readers are available every day, all the time. I would recommend setting yourself up for a picnic on the beach, stopping for a reading, using what you learn in your reading to guide you, and having a solid meditation session following lunch.  

New Zealand: Wharariki Beach, Puponga

Spirituality: This beauty is believed to be the portal between two worlds by the Maori. This is said to be a place where the souls of the dead depart from this life.  When you do arrive, it really does feel like the veil is a bit thinner in this location. If you are a medium struggling with refining your gift, or you are someone trying to get a message to the other side for a loved one that has passed on, the energy at this location is imprinted. This is the place to aid in such a task. Just be very aware that communication goes both ways.  


Love and Light,


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