The Power Of Meditation

By Farrah-H: I want to begin this article today by sharing with you a quote. “The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large. ” ― Confucius

This quote I carry with me every day, this quote I live by in fact, I have it framed on my wall. These are words of truth, of wisdom, of guidance. A wise man Confucius was. I want to share this quote with you as a reminder of how easy it is to change your life and the world.

1farrah2 We all have dreams, some large some small but we all have a sense of hope for something else, something greater, no matter what it is. We seek this joy and happiness, acceptance and love and we expect it from others without realizing that we need to provide these things for ourselves, within ourselves first. This is how we create a truly happy life.

Have you ever meditated? Sat down, peaceful music going from YouTube, and perhaps tried to clear your mind for 10 minutes, but then suddenly a little thought pops in, then another, and another before you know it there is a world of thoughts swirling through your mind and you feel you have no control, meditation is too hard so you get up and decide perhaps it is not for you, or it does not work. I see this too often.

It’s not hard. The truth is you are overthinking it and being too hard on yourself, it is this that is wrong. Be easy on yourself, you tried, you did not fail, you did not do it perfectly, but a man at the gym cannot lift 200 KG of weight right away, he trains for months and months before he builds his muscles and strength, the mind itself is a muscle and just like the man at the gym we must build our mind and spirit to a place of strength where we have the ability to let go, to be, to be one in that moment of meditation, and slowly but surely all you need to do is try, each and everyday.

I love mindful meditation, and I believe for beginners guided meditation is powerful. I use guided meditation at times, it’s great for beginners or when you feel stressed and not focused. It’s also easy to find, simply type in guided meditation on YouTube and you will find thousands of different choices. Begin here with a guided meditation, work your way to mental strength and recondition the mind that is so used to being here and there and thinking many thoughts at once, to being in bliss peaceful state of relaxation and oneness with the universe and the air and all that you are right now and forever will be.

It is my challenge to you right now to begin meditating, when you get better at it after a few weeks try meditating with music only, and then bring in positive thoughts, choose one, a powerful one and meditate on it for 10 minutes. As our friend the great Confucius once said, the more we meditate with good thoughts the sooner we transform our world and our happiness. It’s that easy, follow these words and watch how life can transform into a beautiful place of success and unlimited joy and thankfulness.


I look forward to reading for you soon.

Love and light always,


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