The Modern Angel

By Farrah: A beautiful woman with white wings is the image we have when we imagine an ‘Angel’. A Divine being from a place not known to earth with such beauty, goodness and protection. This is the image we have in our minds due to modern day media, television, and what society has ingrained into us that an angel is. But what is an Angel? Are they real?

Over many thousands of years stories have been told of Angels. Angels are protectors and in many situations over many different religions, Angels differ but, their core purpose is the same. To Protect, and deliver messages. They act as a bridge between what we call ‘heaven’ and earth; they live in a world between the two- as we are told. Angels are spiritual beings superior to humans’ power and intelligence, they have a deep knowing. They can use their powers for the greater good of for the not so good.

farrah3 Angelos is a Greek Word meaning ‘Messenger’ this is where the Word Angel has been derived from. Now I want to speak a little bit about what a Modern day Angel is. The more we grow into today’s culture, the more we develop as people we are also growing deeper understanding of many things, one due to the great shift in consciousness which was predicted from the Mayans and many other ancient cultures hundreds and thousands of years ago. As you all may remember 2012 was suppose to be the end of the world- but people in modern time misinterpreted this prediction it was not the end of the world as in a big ‘BOOM” it marked the beginning of a new time within human consciousness the beginning of a time that slowly over hundreds of years we will all develop into very in tune spiritual beings as our ancestors once were, and it is because of this period we are living in ( and most so unaware of it) that we connect with our angels more and are able to really get a deeper understanding of who they are and their purpose).

Rather than human with wings, angels are spiritual energy just like you and me, but they have not lived before on Earth is the only difference, they have the wisdom of thousands of years and they act as a spiritual messenger of God/The universe whatever it is you believe in this is what they do. They are protectors and will come in the times we least expect it to help guide us or help and protect us, we don’t always see them (more so often than not) but we can sense their energy and feel them if we listen and tune in to our soul and intuition- our being the core of us who we are.

Christian science and people within this industry study what they call ‘Angelology’ The history of angels in scriptures, books and everything that has been kept from our history that has any connection to angels, as well as human experiences of seeing and being in contact with angels believe it or not the numbers are much higher than you think, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have had such experiences and people who would not ever think to be spiritual also having them. It is with these studies that we people are beginning to get a clearer understanding on Angels- the Modern Angel.

So what is the modern Angel? This is much the same as the angel in our history books, but the modern angel has more of a scientific understanding and explanation behind her, she/he is an energy a being that often visits guides and protects us in great times of need. The Modern Angel is an angel a guardian angel that comes to you in times you need, speak to your angel and she will always guide you, feel her in your essence, your soul and ask her whatever it is you need to know- you will be surprised the signs you get in following days and weeks signs with answers within them. It brings great peace, love and real happiness knowing we have guardians protecting us through our journey in life. Doesn’t it? 🙂

Thank you for reading my article today and if you have any questions at all I am happy to answer them for you on Life Reader chat- contact me today 🙂

Love, Light and Blessings,


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