The Incredible SuperMoon

By Farrah: We humans from the beginning of time have been so fascinated with the stars above, the place we call space, an endless space of stars, galaxies, planets and life. (Let’s be realistic here, we are too intelligent to assume there is no life elsewhere) Why are we so drawn to the sky above? Is it the idea of the unknown, is it because we once came from above? Or is it because we humans have a spiritual connection to all we see above us at night. A spiritual energy based connection that we cannot yet understand.

farrah3 Now on the 14th of November the year of 2016 (very very soon) there is going to be a very BIG supermoon. For those of you who do not know a supermoon is when the moon is at its closest point to earth and we through the human eye will see an very large moon covering the sky as though we are not sitting on planet earth and watching the moon. Imagine you are up in the sky about to leave our earth’s atmosphere; this is what the view of the moon would look like.

The last full supermoon was in 1948 and the next one will not be here again till the year 2034. This supermoon coming will be a once in a life time view of heaven for many people on earth today. Now how does this supermoon affect you apart from being one of the most beautiful sights to the human eye? Well on the date of the supermoon the energy of the moon will have a great effect on the tides of the ocean as will it on each and every star sign, each star sign will have a slightly different effect and as it will take too long to explain each affect for every star sign I will give you an example for one today.

Today’s example is Aquarius. On the night of the Supermoon, this star sign will feel very unsettled, a lot of thoughts will be rushing through the mind of the Aquarius on this day, the normal day of having a schedule will not be present on this day as you will feel the need to seek spiritual answers to those that you have been asking for some time. The energy on this day will be so deeply connected to your higher self, a perfect time to meditate and find the answers in life you seek. Some may feel quite unsettled and uneasy while others will use this powerful energy to tap into their deeper consciousness and connect with who they are, their spirit, to even come up with creative ideas for business/career or find the answers to their romantic relationships that need change. This is an overall insight into the day and night of an Aquarius on the coming Supermoon.

All star signs shall be affected in a similar way, although some different to others, over all we will all be more spiritual and have a deeper sense of ourselves as well as our energy, who we are. As the ocean tides are moved and affected, so will our overall ability to think as well as our emotions, if you are aware and truly focus this energy and way of thinking you can create very positive outcomes, although if you allow such emotion and over thinking to overcome you it can also have a negative effect, as long as you are aware of your spirit and energy being much stronger, more present on this day, then you can use this in a very positive way and actually see a positive outcome and growth within your life from that point onwards.

The world we live in is one beautiful place and it is times like these of the supermoon that we really get to not only experience but also see the beauty of the universe surrounding us.


 Happy Reading!

 Love, Blessings and Light,

 Farrah x

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