The Incredible Power Of Gratitude

Gratitude is an incredible Power. Let me explain. When we live our lives with the feeling of gratitude each and everyday, life turns from Silver to Gold. When we live with the feeling of gratitude for the good things in our lives, for the good people, we live with true happiness. The Universe will always respond to a grateful heart first and foremost, when we are grateful the energy of the universe feels this picks it up, and sends more things our way to be grateful for.

The Good old universe we live in always listen to grateful heart, and always responds instantly, just as it responds when a person has a negative ungrateful heart, the universe always works always brings forth exactly what we think and put out there. Ever wondered why bills keep coming, why debt is not changing, why things continue to be so difficult and a lucky break in finances is not coming? Just think. NOT, WHY, DEBT, NOT AGAIN. It is this continuous thought that always attracts more of exactly what we don’t want, often leading to extremely unfulfilling lives enslaved to no one but ONESELF.

No matter how difficult things get in life, whether you are experiencing the loss of a romantic partner, a loved one, whether you have lost your job, whether you are lost on your path in life and have no idea who you are and have become, no matter what your situation, there is always something and someone to be thankful for, and if we can use our inner power to think of those things in the hardest of times we are being grateful and without realizing it we are improving our own lives, happiness and overall purpose.

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There are some things in life we can’t control some things we are meant to experience, hurt and growth in some cases in order to help others in life. However, in Most situations we are in complete control, You really can turn not only a moment around, not only a day, not only a week, but your complete life can be turned around and shaped into something truly magical with the practice of Gratitude each and every day. It’s not hard, it is the easiest thing to do and it is so enjoyable and truly rewarding living a life of gratitude.

Be Grateful and the Universe will listen and respond. Happy Living 🙂

Love and Light,

Farrah X

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