The Human Satellite Navigation System

By Kirsty: All too often I tell my clients that they need to listen to their intuition more, and learn to trust their own judgement. Everyone has intuition, but some people often ignore or question their gut instinct. One of the main reasons for this is lack of self belief. I have fondly named my intuition The Human Satellite Navigation System.

kirsty3 If one is in tune with the higher self, we can channel the intuition, and use it to navigate our way through any situation, problem or crisis. Let me give you a fine example of this. Going back quite a few years ago now, when my oldest two children were toddlers, I had a very lucky encounter with my intuition. I was at the time a working mum, getting my children ready one morning to drop them off at school before heading to work.

Rushing around as usual, I put my cigarette out in the ashtray and went off to hurry the children. Before leaving the house I emptied the ashtray in the kitchen bin as I always did. I came out of my flat and took the children round to the car.

As I was fastening them into their car seats I became aware of a real churning in my tummy. I remember thinking it was odd as I had eaten breakfast, so it wasn’t an empty stomach. Within seconds I started to feel a little dizzy too, and by this point I knew enough to know that this was no ordinary rumbling tummy, this was a warning. I pulled my head out from the car, stood up and looked around. Nothing unusual happening anywhere, but I knew something just was not right. At this point I knew I couldn’t go anywhere until I had worked out what my intuition was trying to tell me.

I stood for a few seconds longer, and then it came, that booming voice, “NEVER PUT HOT ASHES IN A BIN”. “Excuse me?” I replied as I fell slightly backwards. Looking around to see if anyone was there, I pulled myself together just as the voice boomed the same thing at me again. Only this time with more urgency and speed. Suddenly, I realised exactly what I needed to do, and turned on my heels and sprinted back up the path to the flat. As I opened the door a smell of burning paper hit me immediately. I ran towards the kitchen with my heart pounding in my throat. As I reached the doorway, I could see that the bin was smouldering. As fast as I could I carried the bin over to the sink and turned the tap on, allowing the bin to fill with water, to extinguish any burning embers. I realised that my hands were trembling at this point, and dropped the bin with a crash on to the floor. Looking down I noticed a letter that was half burnt.

I stepped back aghast, struggling to catch my breath, my whole body shaking from head to toe. The enormity of what could have happened hit me like a bolt of lightning. Our home, life belongings and hearts would have gone up in flames. Everything would have been destroyed that day if I had not listened to my intuition, and trusted myself enough to know that something dreadful was looming.

That day was monumental for me; from that moment on I made a pact with myself to always trust my instincts. Listening and paying attention had saved everything we owned perishing in a house fire. Still to this day I get the same churning, as a warning that something needs my immediate attention. I do not hesitate to either ask for clarification, or take action.

We all have the ability to channel our intuition and connect with the higher self. For some it takes practice, but do not let that put you off. Get to know your Human Satellite Navigation System, and create a bond of trust that will never fail you.


Love and Light,


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