The Healing Power Within You

By Michael: One of the qualities we possess as spiritual beings is the innate ability to heal ourselves. Not only the emotional scars, but also physical symptoms. And it begins by saying “No thanks”, “No more”, “Not today”. The healing process can only begin when we choose to change our perspective from the feeling of disempowerment and helplessness to “I am whole, it’s already done, I’m already healed”. 


So how do we get to this place of knowing we are already healed? What must we do to transform the magic of these words into universal healing energy that vibrates throughout our bodies? 

First, we must recognize that every physical problem has an emotional attachment. Lower back pain is nearly always associated with self supporting issues, usually financial matters. The shoulders store occupational and social stresses whilst many cancers always have an element of helplessness and anger. 

Many will be aware that when we have an argument with our partner, we feel a knot in our stomachs, it is very real and painful and as a consequence, we feel it even more when we eat because the digestive system becomes blocked! Immediately upon kissing and making up the knot miraculously disappeared. In that particular circumstance that part of the body became whole again! 

Once we have acknowledged the body imbalance we would do well to understand the emotional aspect, for it is here that this universal healing energy begins to work. We witness this very often at healing circles in Spiritualist churches. So once we have this understanding it becomes essential therefore to quit doing what makes us dis-eased otherwise there is a real possibility that the imbalance will return. 

So, how do we heal ourselves? First and foremost, it is important to believe in the process – to offer no resistance – to allow yourself or give yourself permission to be healed. 

We do not seek to remove that ”bad cancer” or “nasty arthritis” or any other imbalance for that matter, furthermore we do not even focus on healing in that very part of the body where the imbalance lies – but rather focus on healing the whole body. Our point of attention is on what we desire most and never on what we do not want. For how can we be whole if we focus on dis-ease and imbalance. We must retain the feeling of being whole! And so to be whole is to be complete – to be as one with your higher self and all that was, is and will be. 

It has been hidden in plain sight all along. So it can be said that healing begins in the mind- Energy flows where attention goes. Whatever you focus your attention on becomes more prominent and therefore you get more of. 

The technique often used for self-healing is to find yourself in a quiet place – to be still – not only in physical space but in mental mind. If your day has been hectic you can either do a short meditation or and a walk in nature, sufficient to calm your mentality so that you can focus your attention on the task on hand. 

So now once in this quiet, calm place and state of mind you can create a short affirmation, something like “already done already healed” As you say this, feel the energy pass through your body all the way from the crown chakra to the root chakra – already done already healed. 

Let’s say you are having difficulty with mobility – now focus your attention doing what you loved doing before you lose mobility. It could be sports , dancing, climbing, anything that you enjoyed doing, all the while keeping the thought of already done already healed in your mind while feeling the energy run through you. 

And here’s the thing. The brain cannot tell the difference between a real event, such as you really walking or any event being played out externally, in this case in your mind’s eye. And when your brain sees it happening, new circuits are formed that tell your body “start walking”! 

Keep your attention on what you love- see it already happened and allow the universe to take care of the details. I have of course summarized this process as no doubt you will be aware of the many books written on this subject. 

As a healer, I can testify without fear of contradiction the power of healing thoughts – especially distant healing – perhaps one of the most underestimated healing modules.


Love and Light,


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