The End Of The World As We Know It

By Annelize: We have the skew idea that we know the end of things, and then just when we thought it is the end, well it just continues. Sometimes we can feel that the end of some part of our life is near, but do we really know when it will end? 

You know the relationship has been hanging on a thread for years, you thought it would have ended years ago, but still you are both there. The project you have been working on was supposed to be finished a month ago, yet it is still taking your time to complete. A friendship that you feel was ending, due to a lack of common interests, suddenly just got a new spurt of energy and you are still friends.

I sense that we want to feel in control of our lives, so if we can predict and try to feel when things will end, if we can know when it ends, the reality of the end will be easier, we will feel safer. We would be able to prepare ourselves for the end, to spare us from hurting, from heartache, grief, anger, depression etc. The truth is we never know when things will end, ever. We can plan all we want, but we are not in control of life. 


When we predict when things will end we partly leave the situation, or we change ourselves to prepare for the end of it, and then we let go of our input, energy, effort and we hold back part of us. We are scared to get hurt, to feel like a failure, to feel like we are a bad person. Instead of giving our all until the last drop of sand runs through the hourglass, we want to play it safe, we want to know, and control when and how things end. This creates a lot of suppressed emotions that we are not willing to acknowledge, facing the end of something is a loss, but trying to outrun the end and suppressing the reality creates inner turmoil and a total imbalance of the person.

What if things are supposed to be changing, that some things must end, most things will end, for other greater opportunities to become part of life. Change is inevitable, and we can either embrace it or we can try to run away and control it, which leads to resentment and difficult struggles in life. What if the world as we know it is supposed to change and be different? What if we are not supposed to get comfortable with how the world is? What if the world as we know it is just another way of control? 

The best option is to realize and agree that things will always change, that we cannot control most things, but what we can control is how we react, respond, and live our lives. We need to clarify what things we can control, and those things we cannot. And then focus and change the ones we can control, that is where our power lies. We cannot control others, and we never should, we can only control ourselves. That is healthy living and behavior.

The end of the world as we know it, might just hold the best future possibilities for each one of us, but breaking out of the pattern of fear and control is needed to step into this future. Will you step out with me, and embrace a new world, the one specifically designed for you and me, in this moment of time.


Love and Light,


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