The Brightest Star

Once I had eventually opened up to my gift and decided to use it to help others, I found that connections were formed very quickly between me and the spirit world. As a novice, I needed to perfect my gift, but being the first in the family to be blessed with the gift there was no one to turn to. I had to find somewhere I could practice my gift, and connect people with their deceased loved ones.

I found a page on a social networking site some years ago now, where people just like me came together to practice their gift. Willing participants would allow us to connect with passed over relatives and in return for this they would support and give us honest feedback. This was just what I needed, a safe environment to grow and develop in. In time I would be giving anything up to ten readings a day. My gift was getting stronger and stronger as the information I was receiving from spirit was more personal and precise.

I can recall one particular night; I had just logged off my laptop after doing several readings. As I stood up, my head spontaneously jerked backwards so fast that it made me dizzy. Once I regained balance and composure, I became aware of a small girl next to me. I could not see her, I could sense and here he soft quiet voice. She said to me “I need to speak to mummy”, I replied “Excuse me?” she repeated what she had previously said. I would be telling a lie if I said I wasn’t a little taken aback and alarmed at this point. Where did I even begin with this, and who was her mummy? Once again, I pulled myself together, and it suddenly dawned on me that I had to fire up my laptop again. This little girl had to be connected to someone online.

I logged back into the page I worked on, and typed out a message. It was late already so I was not expecting a huge response. I explained that I had a little girl called Molly with me and she needed to speak to her mummy. Within seconds a reply flashed up from a lady asking me if I had any more information. She explained that her sister had a little girl called Molly, who had passed in a tragic accident. The lady said that her sister was not ready to speak to anyone, but she would relay the information to her.

To anyone outside looking at this situation must have looked so bizarre, me sat at my desk typing at 1:00 AM and talking to what appeared to be nobody. At this point in the day I was too tired and more concerned with getting a message through from Molly to her grieving mother than to care what the odd passerby may think. I told Molly that I believed that I had found her Auntie and asked her what she would like to say to her mummy. She replied with “I want her to know that I am safe and happy with granddad and that it was not her fault”. At this point I stopped typing and said to Molly “what was not her fault” “The accident was not mummy’s fault, she blames herself for it”. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. This poor woman not only has she lost her sweet little girl, but she blamed herself for this tragic accident. Molly proceeded to tell me that she had fallen off a climbing frame and had landed chin first. The impact had been so severe that she had broken her neck in three places. Molly’s mum had been distracted for a split second by another child nearby. It was in that split second that Molly fell to the ground.

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At this point it hit me like a bolt of lightning, my neck, that’s why it had jerked back so fast right before Molly spoke to me. I was so shocked I froze; my heart felt like it was shattering into a thousand pieces. I had to pull myself together once again, my feelings and thoughts were irrelevant here, I had to get the message across that there is no blame to be laid. Molly was very insistent that her mum knew this and that she was healthy and happy. She gave me some personal information that only her mother could verify. Amongst all this information Molly kept repeating “tell mummy to look at the stars”. Over and over she said this, until she was sure that I had passed it on. There was a pause for a short while before the lady answered me. I remember feeling so worried thinking I had upset the lady. When she eventually came back, she apologized and told me after the message about the stars she had gone to pieces. My heart sank; I was shattered at the thought of upsetting the lady or even more so Molly’s mum. I said I was sorry I had spoken out of turn, and that I did not mean to cause any upset.

Quickly came back the message “you did not upset us or talk out of turn, the reason I became so upset was because after Molly died, my sister bought a star, and named it after Molly as a tribute. With the intention that every time Molly’s mum was sad, she should look at the stars and molly would be the biggest brightest one in the sky. I was speechless, and this for me is a rarity. I composed myself and typed back that Molly loved her star and that wherever mummy was she would follow her.

Even now I cannot begin to convey the emotion that this little girl and her family stirred up in me that night. Molly found me, she came to me to help her, help her mother. This memory will stay with me for the rest of my life. The bond between mother and daughter is eternal and will survive anything, even death. Molly was the biggest contributing factor to me becoming aware that I was an Empath. This is a blessing, and has given me an insight into such a depths of pleasure and pain that I never even knew existed.

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2 thoughts on “The Brightest Star

  1. palastine

    Hello kirsty. I am very moved by your story. I am in a position where I am trying to connect more spiritually with myself. I am involved with a man. His name is Arthur Harris. And I need to know if this is who I am gonna spend my life with this man.

  2. Jamila Vazquez

    Wow jelly love and family and God is amazing .i love a man named Ali castro he has a míddle name and also a second last name but this is basic first and last name .ifeel he’s my soulmate but want to know will we be together forever and will he be faithful


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