Surviving Hard Work Environments

By Melanie: I recently heard a random statistic on the radio the other day and it really got me to thinking. It was something like, “65% of Americans are unhappy and unsatisfied in their current career/job”. Is this accurate? I have no idea! What I can say is that there are two major categories I get clients calling about; First is love/relationship, and the second is career. Are you one of these clients? Could you be a future client asking about your career? Then this blog is for you!

65% that is an ENORMOUS percentage of our country who are unhappy in their jobs or careers. It makes sense, so many people in this day and age are working jobs to “make ends meet”, to pay the bills. Very few people in our society works in a job that they are passionate about and love. No wonder why so many people are miserable! Looking at life now, people feel that so much has changed about the way we relate to each other. More and more people are rude, in a rush, and don’t have common courtesy¬†that used to exist in the “good old days”. Politeness is a thing that can frequently be confused as flirting because it occurs so rarely.


What does this all have to do with being unhappy in a job? Think about the connection! The majority of the working force of Americans are working somewhere between 40-70 hours a week. That is the location, activity and place where you invest the most amount of your time each week. If a person(multiple people in this situation) is unhappy in a place where we spend close to 50% of our time each week, then how can we expect that person to be in a good place energetically? Since energy is all related, so is the energy that we take with us to and from work. The whole concept literally makes me sad for this world. 65% of people are unhappy in 50% of their lives, just think about that… WOW. Think about the impact that unhappiness has in the USA, even globally. That 65% of people will regularly interact with others each day, so they are potentially spreading their misery, their negative energy as if it’s an outbreak of disease. One miserable person can negatively impact an infinite amount of people, by first hurting just one other, who then turns around and yells at 5 others and so on and so on the snowball/domino effect continues down the line spreading unhappiness, misery and negativity globally. But I digress… can this be fixed? On small levels, yes. It seems like a daunting task but it all actually begins with you and me.

So my first real question is… How do YOU feel about your workplace? Are you one of those 65%? How do you know if you’re working in a toxic environment? Well, I’m here to help you discover these answers along with some simple solutions of finding your way out of the fog of unhappiness.

A major step is… assessing what a negative and/or toxic work environment looks like. Not all toxic environments are blatantly obvious. Sometimes we are working in a place that isn’t good for us and we don’t even know it. Prior to working for herself, a friend was working in a corporate world that was basically sucking the life out of her. She didn’t even notice, until one day she woke up and just saw how unhappy she was and couldn’t figure out how she got there. That’s when she realized she needed a change. She slowly started working in a different direction and decided it was time to step out into the world and take that risk of leaving the comfort of corporate and work for herself. But before she could take the leap, the universe yanked the carpet out from underneath her and eliminated my position… so she had no choice but to take her risk that she was too scared to take previously. She stepped away from a place that was toxic and suddenly felt like she could breathe again. Magically, she’s happier than she’s ever been, she hasn’t felt sick like she was feeling, and her stress migraines have mysteriously disappeared. Voila! What’s the point of this story? Sometimes the universe will intervene when we are on a path we don’t belong on. Are you on the right path?

So many people, like my friend, get lost in the bustle of every day we don’t even notice we were lost. We focus on the “I need to make money”. This is your life, and life isn’t as serious as we make it! We’re only here in these bodies for a short time, don’t you want to be happy?

How do you know your environment is toxic? Ask yourself…

Are you constantly being bullied? Are you harassed or lied to regularly? Do you find that you can’t trust people you work with? Do you feel like you can’t voice your own opinion and are not considered to be a valuable asset? Do you feel unsafe, or sexually harassed? Yes, everyone needs to make a living to survive, but when did life become about the money and not about really living? Happiness should be first, don’t compromise your happiness and sanity for a dollar.

Make a list, check to see what makes you happy in your job and what makes you unhappy. Do this for a week, a month, if your unhappy list is longer than your happy list, you have a problem and it’s time to reassess. Don’t wait for the universe like my friend did. It’s time to stop working in these environments. For some of you, it will just be a new company and same type of work, for others, it’s time to find an entirely new career path.

I am not telling you to just up and quit your job! But I’m seeing more and more clients being eclipsed out of their current working situations that no longer serve them. You can’t be afraid of moving into something that is more healthy for you. Please, don’t just be impulsive, but if you’re in an environment that is stifling, start coming up with your exit strategy. Listen to your intuition for the next steps, and reach out for reading if you feel compelled. Do not lose hope, it is time to move in the direction of light. If you’re not sure what a good direction to take is, call for a reading, ask for guidance, meditate on it, but whatever you do, find joy and happiness.


Love and Light,


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