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About Melanie

I have been a professional psychic for close to 15 years. I was originally trained to do Angel readings under a teacher who taught for Doreen Virtue. I follow astrology closely so I can use the information to better inform my clients. I am proud of my success rate. I've had clients ask me things such as when will I meet the person I belong with. I've guided them to take the steps they need to bring that person into their life. I have worked hard to have a deep, spiritual connection with the universe and the people I read for. As a result, I can make the complex simple, bring peace and understanding to my callers and give them the answers they need.

I have been aware of my abilities since a young age of 11; I originally had my first otherworldly experience with spirit at that age. I was in the area of Harrisville, RI in a theatre that I had no idea was considered "haunted". That was in the year 1993. Many years later, the movies and stories of "The Conjuring" came out to the public, and it turns out the theatre is on the same land as the original Conjuring farmhouse. This experience changed my life. After that, I became thirsty for knowledge of spiritual things.

I typically begin each reading with connecting to the clients' energy; to do this I use tarot or oracle cards depending on what my guides tell me. The cards are used as a connector to the client's energy, once I get a good read on the energy, I don't need the cards. I use my intuition, guides, and higher self to receive messages the client needs to hear. I feel if a client is paying for a service, they deserve to know the truth. I've been reading professionally for 15 years, first for friends and family, then for private clients.

My Experience:

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Professional Psychic
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