Super Blue Blood Moon: The Divine Mother

By Milica: We have had many great celestial alignments occurring over the last few years. The one that will be occurring at the end of this month is very special and very rare, the energy of The Divine Mother will be ascending on our planet. This marks a time of great manifestation energy that can be harnessed if you would like to align and work with it.

milica2 On the 31st of January Western Australian time, and just after midnight Melbourne and Sydney time, on the 1st of February, an alignment will occur that we haven’t seen on Earth for 152 years. The last time this alignment occurred was in 1866. We will have a spectacular Super Full Moon, the Moon being closest to Earth on its orbit. The moon will look very large and very bright. What is even more special is that this will be the third Super Moon in a trilogy since December last year.

This Super Moon will also be a Blue Moon. ‘Once in a blue moon’ we have two full moons in one month. Technically speaking, Melbourne and Sydney won’t be having a Blue Moon because it will be occurring just after midnight, crossing over into 1st of February.

The Sun and the Moon will also perfectly align and the Moon will be passing through Earth’s shadow. Australia will be the perfect place on this planet to see what will be a Total Lunar Eclipse. Unlike a Sun Eclipse, the Lunar eclipse will be safe to look at. And even though the Moon will be in complete shadow, it will have a red glow, and we will be seeing what has been named a Blood Moon.

The energy of this alignment will be very intense, and could even be uncomfortable for some. The intensity of this Moon will be accessing our deep subconscious selves. The depth of our being will be rising to the surface. It will be wise to treat the great energy of this alignment with great respect, and allow yourself to observe yourself with awareness and go gently through whatever personal transformation this Moon brings to you.

This great Moon energy is the energy of The Divine Mother. If you have been trying to conceive this is a time when most souls come down to Earth. She is the one that holds the space of pure Divine Love, so that you can transform, heal or manifest what you need within a divine, gentle space. Whatever energetic space you find yourself in internally, do not fight it. Flow with it, with acceptance, be gentle with yourself, love yourself, and allow this great alignment to activate what is required for you in your life. The Divine Mother will guide you if you allow her. She is the Master Manifestor, so if you would like to clear obstacles from your life, or manifest love, or activate your intentions this is a very special time to enter a sacred space and prepare for the coming of this energy. Meditation is a very safe way to work with the Divine Mother. You can create a personal ritual for yourself to honour the alignment, write your intentions down, place them in a special place, and meditate on your intentions. If you need to clear obstacles from your life, work on clearing your energetic space within and without. You can do this through intentional smudging or connecting to a great body of water and asking the Divine Mother to release all that is no longer benefiting you or others in your life.

It would be wise not to do any physical yoga practices when the Super Blue Blood Moon finally arrives. Remember that the energy will be very intense and you will not be able to track your own physical energy as easily, this is a time when physical movement could result in injury so it is wisest to practice soft, gentle yogic practices like meditation during this time. The Divine Mother will guide you through this process and help you experience it with Acceptance. Her energy will allow for softness and divinity that can bring about DNA activations and further personal evolution.


Wishing you all soft journeying,

Many Blessings,

With Love,


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