Spring In To Life

By Farrah-H: Spring is here, It’s time to stop your winter procrastinating to start springing into real action, action that will lead you to achieving your goals, greater happiness, joy, success in career and in romance. Where do I begin may you ask? That’s easy. Follow my tips below to spring into life and really start achieving those goals and shaping your life to match that of your dreams.
Spring tips for changing my Life and achieving nothing but Success mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.


1) Join the 5 am Club- Get up at 5 am. Workout, I enjoy a fast workout in morning where I
am challenging my cardio ability, toning muscles, I then finish with a meditation. Rotate days, from fast workout Monday, Tuesday Yoga, Fast workout than yoga always end with meditation for at least 5-10 minutes no matter what.

2) Goals- Write them down. What do you need to do in your day? Write them down, be
realistic, achieve them- focus! Nothing is impossible- the mind creates your reality- use it

3) How do you want to feel? Write it down- read it visualize it every morning and mid day and night. Don’t ever stop till you feel this way.

4) Make a vision board- cut out pictures of things you want to achieve, see and do, whether it is in love, career or fulfilling a deeper purpose helping mankind. No matter what make a board/ or book stick pictures in, visualize them everyday at least 3 times.

5) Consume healthy fruit and vegetables everyday- morning smoothie of Kale, banana, frozen berries, organic protein powder, unsweetened Almond Milk. Drink- and watch your energy and inner confidence begin to peak and help you through your day.

6) Do something out of the norm- out of your comfort zone, do something that scares you but will make you proud and create progress!

7) Understand that we are more powerful then we will ever realize, that you are capable of amazing things that our ancestors unlocked a secret to humanity something we have lost, to the power of energy and the mind, You can create everything before you with your mind, cherish it, feed it, fuel it, meditate do all you can to maintain the mind, the energy within and creating the life you dream of- its that easy the mind is the key.

8) Find what you love, then use it to shape and change the world. This is something for everyone no matter what you do or don’t, who you are or are not, find what you love and change the world, change humanity- we not only need it but we deserve it and the power is within you to start.

Follow my 8 Spring steps each and everyday and watch your life transform to heights that were never imaginable. I am with you every step of the way.


Love and Light,


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