Soulmates. Ancient Myth Or Real Life?

Something we all seek, love. We all hear about soulmates, when will I meet my soulmate? Is he my soulmate? Are they truly real? Now I shall begin this article today with speaking about what a soulmate truly is the history of soulmates and my personal experience on soulmates with many years of working with people from all walks of life.

The ancient greeks believed that God created the androgynous souls, both equally male and female, this theory says that later on after people began to incur karma from playing around on the earth these souls split in two known as the ‘Separation of God’ in greek mythology. After a number of reincarnations each half seeks the other. When all karmic debt on earth is purged the two souls will fuse back together and return to the ultimate being, One.

Now this is a beautiful story indeed interesting and very much an ancient story. Whether there is truth in this that is something that shall always remain unknown. However this story certainly symbolizes the love one person can have for another. The love so strong you feel half of you is gone when they are not there. So in a way this story makes some sense.

Through many years experience working with people within relationships all around the world there is one thing that I have discovered about soulmates. This is the freedom of choice. I do believe there is no doubt a greater plan for us all, a plan destined to us in life, but we also control the reigns of that plan, and we have the ability to change, and choose whom we have within that plan. Many people get caught up in society’s idea of the perfect soulmate that‘comes’ to us in life at the right time. What I believe is that yes timing is truly everything within this universe however when we connect with a person in life, have many similarities share an energy connection otherwise known as that lovely chemistry it is in these moments of understanding that we could really be happy with this person that we have the opportunity to make a choice, and choose them as that partner, that lover that ‘soulmate’.

I do not like to use the word soulmate, anything but it in fact, the reason for this is there are so many ‘ideas’ and confusion to what a soulmate is so I tend to avoid this word. But to answer that question so many people wonder over is this. A soulmate is someone who makes you laugh, who loves you for who you are, who makes you feel content in life, who makes you feel fulfilled, who makes you feel beautiful within. A soulmate is someone who communicates with you and who understands you, they will also not understand you at times and things won’t always be
easy but no matter how difficult things get a soulmate is someone who forgives who accepts and moves forward to the next day. A soulmate is a partner you share your life with, who has similar dreams and aspirations, who is heading on the same path as you. Who will challenge you, listen and teach you. A soulmate is a person we choose to be with and experience the beauty and not so beautiful parts of life with.

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, there is no such thing as a soulmate destined to you. But there is destiny, and there is freedom of choice and we have the amazing ability to choose what our future looks like, to choose whom is within it, and to choose who we want to spend our lives with, when you look at it this way it makes you really think. Wow how amazing is it that I have this choice, to shape my own life. Rather than waiting for love, I challenge you to chase your dreams, your passions, to live every moment as if it were your last, to open your heart and soul to new opportunity new connections with people, to take an opportunity of love when it comes your way if you are happy with a person dont push them aside and wait for that soulmate that society has painted a perfect picture within your mind, of course don’t settle for
someone who you truly know does not make you that happy this is not at all what I suggest, but I suggest you understand that love is a beautiful thing and if it is felt as well as happiness you can turn this into a soulmate connection and be truly happy. The power of freedom, the power of the mind these are two things that so many are just not aware of the true power they are. Is your soulmate with you now? When will you meet this life partner? That choice to a point is up to you. For what you truly seek feel and desire you create. This the law of attraction is as real as thelaw of gravity and if used right life can truly be one magical experience.

All my love and light,

I look forward to our next reading,

Farrah xx

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