Smudge Sticks And Their Uses

By Rani: The ancient religious ritual of burning sage – also called smudging – can be seen as an atmospheric cleansing process.

Although not all Native American groups practice smudging as a cultural or tribal practice, it has been established as an important part of Native American culture.

It is thanks to the traditions of the native American people that this material is still used today.


• White Sage
Native Indians are the first known people to have used it in a ceremonial or ritual context. Sage was called Sacred Sage by many of these cultures because it was used to get rid of persistent energies, to contact spirits for blessings, prosperity, protection and more. This is why this plant is most known for its ceremonial properties. It can change the atmosphere and energy of a room dramatically. Moreover, it can also be used to induce meditation, cleanse, and purify the environment.

• Juniper
When we are tired or we are feeling sluggish, Juniper can be burned to relieve you of fatigue and provide you with energy. Juniper belongs to the Aries zodiac sign. Due to this, Juniper works very well if you are planning on doing any rituals involving the element of fire. The smoke you create when smudging or burning it will help fill your space with passion, energy, and warmth. Juniper can grow in places that few other trees can, so it essentially represents growth in dark times. 

• Lavender
It helps in cleansing, regulating the emotions, enhancing clairvoyance, bringing happiness and healing through removing negativity, promoting clarity and enhancing harmony.

• Mugwort
Historically, mugwort has been used medicinally in parts of eastern Europe and Asia since it is a native of those areas. According to some historical records, seeds of the plant were first introduced to North America by Jesuit missionaries as early as the 16th century. Used traditionally to cleanse energies and get rid of negativity and stimulating dreams.

• Cedar
People have been using cedar for centuries to drive out negative energies. In order to bring in some good influences in a room, one can even bless the new home when someone moves in.

• Rosemary
Rosemary grows in rocky areas of the Mediterranean, especially along the coast. In the Latin language, Rosmarinus means “dew of the sea.”. This herb is a powerful cleanser for your home and your aura. The herb is associated with fire, the sun, and masculine energy, among other attributes.

• Palo Santo
The term ‘Palo Santo’ means holy wood in Spanish. Dry tropical forests contain this plant, which produces a very aromatic resin. This is a sacred wood that has been used for centuries to purify the spirit, clear negative energy and inspire creativity. By doing so, one gains a deeper sense of connection to the divine and the healing power of the earth.

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