Six Spiritual Truths Of Isolation

By Sarah: 3.8 billion people in the world are experiencing some form of lockdown in their country right now on Planet Earth. As humans, we are trying to make sense out of the madness we are experiencing in our lives at the moment, and whilst our human self experiences isolation, there are some very powerful truths manifesting in our spiritual life right now.

Here are six spiritual truths that I feel you will encounter – and at the very least SHOULD encounter, whilst experiencing isolation. See how many will you experience during the global shift of the planet over the next two months.


Patience- The first spiritual truth is all about developing patience. I am sure that many of you will be realizing that you cannot speed up time. That now is the time to slow down and to be at peace. Once you have patience you have mastered a spiritual art that can change your life forever.

Calmness- No matter how organised you have your life during Lockdown or isolation, you will find that there are times your energy field starts to buzz and you may feel a bit caged in. This is absolutely normal and your spiritual self is being taught how to master the art of being calm in the midst of chaos. Once you can do this you can really start to gain control of your thought pattern which can then used to manifest the life that you wish through your intentions.

Hope- Spending days alone being cooped up in your home like egg laying chickens is what you may sometimes feel like. Humans are naturally gregarious animals and not being allowed outside may make you feel like a caged animal. The only thing that will help you continue is the fact that you have hope in your heart. Hope is a tremendous energy for creating intentions to paint a beautiful picture of an imagined future.

Reflection- This is a time when you can only surf the internet so many times, watch a movie or read a book. At some stage during this isolation process, you will spend time in thought and as such will be able to reflect on your life. When reflecting, go over any previous painful experiences that you have from the past and make peace with them. In this way you never have to face that experience again going forward as you would have made peace with the situation in your memory bank.

Intention- Have a think about where you would like life to go in the future. Pay careful attention to the thoughts that come to you and write them down. Set your intentions for the next 12 months, five years and ten years. Include your partner in this intention setting – you will be amazed at how powerful your thoughts are and how many of your thoughts will start to materialize once Lockdown is over. Now is certainly the quiet time needed to focus on your future and together with peace and calm, create the beautiful future you want to manifest.

Love- Because life is so uncomfortable at the moment with having to stay indoors and essentials only being sold at certain shops, you will find that there is much fear around. Turn this easily back into love – know that you are in the right time at the right place and that’s before you incarnated on the planet you opted to be around at this time. You are to send love out to whoever needs it and to most especially love who YOU are as a person.

So there you have the six spiritual truths of isolation and what your soul will be learning during the weeks ahead. I hope they help you find purpose and meaning during this very peculiar and strange time on our planet. There is a silver lining to every cloud and if you use this period in history to develop all the above spiritual truths, then when your cocoon bursts open you will walk into the most magnificent period of your life.

I am available to help guide you with any panic, fear or confusion you may have during this time, including relationship and career issues. Stay strong, wash your hands and stay as blessed and as beautiful as you are.


Love and Light,


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