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By Brett: I have always loved connecting with the Angelic Realm as angels have been created by the Divine and we have been told of their significance since the bible and other reported articles. However, in saying that we can comfortably say that Angels were created before earth and human existence. As the bible states “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation and all the angels shouted for joy?” (Job 38:4,7).

This significantly highlights that Angels exist before mankind was created. Now you may be reading this with intrigue, however you may ask “Why did the Divine create Angels?” The word Angel means ‘messenger’ and/or ‘agent’ of God. The Divine created the angels so they could do God’s work as in (Psalm 103:20) “Praise the Lord, you his angels, you mighty ones who do his bidding, who obey his word.” Whether that may include the Angels helping and assisting in miracles, healing, mediumship growth, protection, cleansing and/or assisting with human transition into the spirit world.

1brett2 We are a part of a much bigger universe/collective consciousness than we think. The other realms and dimensions can not be seen with the human eye, rather only sensed, felt, visualizations through the mind’s eye, dreams and/or miraculous interventions. Just as Angels are largely unseen, so is their work. We can only encounter Angels through our own personal experiences. We have heard stories from the the Great Ancients how Angels have healed and appeared with messages. Nothing has really changed since that time, except that humans have evolved in a physical sense. Also, I am sure the Angel Realm has evolved with us as well. Angels are still present wherever you are. I love walking into old churches and looking at the stained glass windows of all the Angels imprinted on them as this makes me aware that we are protected and have the opportunity to heal through the Angelic Realm. Just a physical reminder of the history of Angels and how they have been around for many years.

Like everything in the world of Spirit, Angels cannot act on our behalf. We can receive guidance from them, however they do not act on our behalf or intervene in our soul path. Angels respect our Freewill and understand that while they may offer guidance to us or send signs and symbols to either protect us or validate our soul path, they cannot change the course of your life path. The reason for this is that before you entered earth, you, the creator, your guides planned how you would live and what experiences you would experience in this life. It’s ironic, isn’t it? We as souls come to planet earth to learn soul lessons, whether it be good or bad. The Angels are there to support us through the difficult and bad times. They also celebrate and rejoice with us in the good times as well.

Types of Signs and Validations from your Angels:

Shapes in Clouds
Coins appearing
Feathers from above
Flashes of light (orbs)
Direct Message’s on Billboards, Car Number Plates, Bus and Train Advertisements, Radio and TV etc.
Dreams of a particular Angel/s
Chills and Goosebumps
Ringing in your ears or harp music (common one)

The above is an example of what to be aware of. Angels can communicate through this phenomena, however, they can also send you a person in physical form to help you move to the next level of your soul path. They give you this person to help change and support you. Remember, you, the creator and your guides have chosen this lesson or experience before you entered earth. The Angels give you a person to help in this experience. We call these people Earth Angels (People sent to do the work of the angels). Earth Angels are highly spiritual even if they don’t follow a religion or a set of beliefs. They are usually very in touch with themselves and inspire you to make positive changes. An example of this is that you are in a toxic relationship and you have fallen out of love with your current partner, then, in due course you are sent an Earth Angel who is able to form a loving bond with you and makes you feel that you can leave your current toxic relationship. This is an example of guidance from above. How many people have experienced this? Someone walks into your life with no announcement, however, you form a friendship, then, the relationship transcends and becomes more. Eventually, this is what makes you move overseas, interstate or to a place you would not normally move to. You find yourself that if you hadn’t made the move you would have been stuck in a false reality with no growth and no inspiration to better yourself and your soul path. Also, you could be sick and you are sent a wonderful nurse, doctor or carer. You may have blown a car tire on a busy freeway and in a matter of seconds someone pulls over and assists you with changing your tire and gets you back on the road within minutes. All examples of Earth Angels.

If you would like an Angel Reading via Life Readers chat system, at the beginning of the chat, please state your First Name, DOB and “Angel Reading”. I would be honored to chat with you about the angels, different types of angels, angels who are guiding you, earth angels and so on. Blessed be and until we chat again on LifeReader, stay safe and well.

Thank you to Archangel Michael who guided me to write this article.


Namaste, Love and Light,


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