Shadow Of Dreams

By Ann: Do you lay your head on your pillow at night, and think of the person you love and why it is taking so long for you both to be together? Then you think that he /she does not love you and then you get anxious, you get overwhelmed with a lonely feeling.

I understand how you feel, it is sad, and my heart goes out to you all you want is for the pain to end. And to be able to live life to the fullest with the one you love, and It is not happening.

The truth is you cannot make anyone be with you, he or she will be with you because they want to be in your space. And by you losing sleep over this is a complete waste of emotion. It will not bring the person in quicker by you getting upset.


Do not allow yourself to lose your power in any situation, do not put a shadow on your dreams where you allow fear to stop you, getting what you want in life. Look around you if you do not see happiness, then create it for yourself. You do not have to be lonely, stop waiting around if you cannot handle this and it is affecting your life then let it go.

Dream big when you want things to happen. Do not stop until you get what you want in your life, but the truth is, a lot of people do not know how to get what they want. And every time they try themselves, they mess it up.

I will tell you a story, Mary laid her head on her pillow and closed her eyes as she walked through her shadow of dreams. She saw his face and a star fell on her hand. Mary cried a little and laughed. Some of the reality of Mary’s emotions was hard to take, loving him wasn’t easy, he put out the flame and Mary was left with sorrow and pain. She tried to understand him. Why he would always say he was in love with her and he did not follow through.

Mary has had enough and she came to see me and told me how many sleepless nights she was having. And if I could help her to get over the guy she loves or help her fix it so she can get her dream of living a lifetime with the man she loved so deeply. There were two things I said to Mary.  “When you were born: you were on your own, right?”. She said yes, then I said, “Then why are you living and breathing for this man?”. Mary’s response to this was “I don’t know why?”. Then I told her, “This is the problem you have not put yourself first. You have allowed yourself to surrender your life to this man.

I asked her, “Where does your own identity come into this Mary?”. I started showing her how easy it was to get her power back and how to approach the situation. And to bring her self-esteem back up. To take control of her own life. Mary started a course and doing things that she dreamed of Mary put herself first. The pain and suffering and loneliness were dissipating inside her, the conclusion to the story is this. Mary got her own identity back and the guy she loved also saw this and he liked the strengths Mary ascertained. Well the good news they are married and have three children.

Mary’s dreams did come true and the dark shadows were lifted once and for all.

The greatest thing in this life for me is seeing people get where they need to be in this life.


Hugs and Love,


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