Resetting The Soulmate Cord

By Faith: Soulmates are a wonderful thing – sometimes. As I’ve written about before, soulmates can be your life partner, your closest friends, or someone who comes into the out of your life to teach you something. A soulmate connection is not only a heart connection, but a spiritual and soul connection. You’ve been with this person before, you may even have recollections of your past life with this person. The feelings are permanent and etched on your soul.


They are always with you and the feelings you have for them will flood back with the smallest trigger. You’ll find you carry these feelings with you in your soul, day in and day out, and the smallest thing will remind you of your soulmate. 

Feeling like this is fine if you are good friends with your soulmate, or if you are in a lifelong or committed relationship with them. You share this special bond together. However, if you are not with your soulmate, and perhaps you do not know where they are, or you are prevented from seeing them, this can represent a yearning in your soul of a magnitude you’ve never felt before. Added to this, these soulmates always seem to be in and out of your life, popping up when you least expect it, and bringing to the fore yet again, all those feelings of connection and yearning. It’s like an invisible rubber band connecting you, stretching and tensioning between you as you live your life, then when it gets to breaking point, all of a sudden retracting and returning to rest with you. It’s like your own personal torture. This is not a good thing and will actually hold us back from creating new relationships and even perhaps meeting that soulmate you are meant to live your life with.

Many healers believe you can permanently cut the cord of a soulmate connection. I don’t believe you can ever end or cut a soulmate cord. These are usually past life connections of an energetic power we simply don’t understand yet. Past life connections influence us on a daily basis, as they’re imprinted on our soul. What you can do however is to reset this connection, so it becomes less painful and less at the fore of your life, to enable you to move on with your life without its influence on decisions and new relationships. But you must be in a position to completely forgive your soulmate anything they have done to you, and you must be ready to move on. Sometimes we want to feel that draw, we want to engulf ourselves in the love and connection those people gave us. We tend to forget the things they did to us, however, the lessons they taught us. This is counterproductive to resetting the energetic cord between you, so ensure you are completely ready to press that reset button.

So how do we reset? It really is up to you as to what resonates with you and what works for you. I find this process works best. Start by settling in a quiet room and ensure you will not be disturbed. Either burn an aromatherapy candle, or diffuse your favorite essential oil (nothing energetic, must be calming). Sit or lie comfortably and take a few deep breaths in order to relax your mind and body. Ask your guides and guardian angels to come close, and when you feel comfortable, ask them to release the cord binding you and your soulmate. You can ask this as many times as you wish during the process, using your own words. Then visualize yourself and your soulmate and an energetic cord between the two of you and visualize release of that cord. Ask your guides for protection for your heart in this process, then visualize a beautiful pink light forming at your crown chakra. Let this light flow down into your body until you are surrounded by this light. When you feel ready, thank your guides for helping you with this cleansing, take a few deep breaths, and come back to complete consciousness. Afterwards, it’s a great idea to clear the energy from the air (and from yourself) by smudging. I like lavender and sage smudge for this purpose. In addition, I always recommend afterwards either an Epsom salts bath or a walk or swim in the sea, to increase negative ions and help clear residual energy.

You can do this as often as you want, with as many soulmates as you want. There is no right or wrong in what you say or do – your guides are always on your side and it’s about your intentions. But do follow the process outlined above, as it seems to work best. If you need further help, a psychic can help you in person to reset the cord and I can help you with this online or in person. The process usually takes around 15-20 minutes.

At the end of the day, it’s you and only you who is in control and able to make the decision to cut the cord (or at least reset it). If you are experiencing this type of soulmate connection, please feel free to contact me. I am very experienced in soulmate and past life connections, and can help guide and support you to put your soulmate connection into a place of love, to enable you to live your life without that heartache and yearning, and be the best you can be.


 Love and Light, 



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