Simply A Dream Or Past Life Recall?

By Faith: There are various reasons why some cultures believe they have lived before. Many believe this as part of their religious beliefs, but primarily in the western world, the percentage of people that believe in reincarnation is helped by extraordinary results obtained in regression sessions under hypnosis which have been shared in the media in recent years. Some people also have dreams, flashbacks and intense déjà vu experiences which reinforce these beliefs. 


Dreams are a prime source of clues to past life memories. However, we are exposed during our current lives to many different forms of stimulation and learning, about different cultures, different time periods etc. from a very early age. So, how do we differentiate between a dream or a current life recall, as opposed to a past life recall? 

Simplistically, a dream reflects what is currently going on in your subconscious mind, influenced majorly by what is going on in your waking life. Wants, fears, relationships, beliefs all manifest in dreams as a subconscious message. For example, I had a client who dreamed of a stranger’s face in her upstairs window, several times, and this dream was obviously very frightening! However, when we analyzed her dream alongside the context of her current life, it was really her subconscious sending her a message that she was letting herself become emotionally and physically distant from others after breaking up with her long term boyfriend.

A past life “dream” is your subconscious recalling actual details from a cellular level. It can sometimes be really confusing distinguishing between a dream and a past life recall, but generally, the following things will stand out.

1. People, places, culture – You would expect to see people and places from your daily life enter your dreams, but if you are dreaming of people you don’t know, places you haven’t been to and perhaps a different culture, with a feeling of familiarity and reality (and maybe even which can be verified by research), this can be a definite sign of a past life.

2. Déjà vu This can happen in dreams as well as in reality. The feeling of being somewhere or doing something that you have done before, usually triggered by a sense (sight, smell, sound). If you sense déjà vu in a dream, you are definitely experiencing a snippet of past life recall.

3. Feeling like you are “not yourself” – This will be profound and leave you feeling you have indeed recalled a previous life. You may feel younger, older, fitter, sicker, your senses may appear different (for example, you may be short sighted in your dream whereas see perfectly in reality). You could find you are injured or sick with something you have never experienced in your current life. You may get a strong sense of being a man or a woman. Your mannerisms nor reactions in situations will be characteristic of your current self. You will also find you are doing much more mundane tasks in your dream.

4. Clothing, Technology – You may be aware of wearing different clothes. These may feel different, or if you get dressed, be put on differently. It may be for a purpose that you wear clothing (for example a chain mail suit). There will be a consistent lack of technology in your dream, depending on the time period the past life refers to. Such things as telephones may be in existence, but not computers. Oil lamps may replace the electricity we know. Animals may provide transport.

5. Your emotional state – This is a very important sign. A past life dream will often leave you with an overhanging emotion when you wake, perhaps even into the next day or days. You may have been happy, sad, etc., and these emotions will carry into your daily reality. In addition, the emotion you are left with may be out of context of the theme of the dream. The dream may cut off at an important moment, leaving you with a feeling of expectation.

6. Reoccurring dreams – Dreams based on current life situations change, but you will find with past life dreams, they remain the same. If a dream occurs more than once, it can indicate that there is a problem in this life which is either occurring now or looming. There could be a karmic link to a previous life in which a similar mistake was made, and the dream is an opportunity to be mindful of the lesson in this life as it is thought (and has been investigated scientifically) that phobias, irrational fears, difficulties in relationships and other current life issues can be caused by trauma from a previous life, and if we hold on to these traumas  in our current emotional self it can manifest in emotional or physical illness, or life issues.

If you want to explore your past lives further, my suggestion is to always have a diary handy at your bedside (even if it’s your notes on your phone) and record anything from your dreams that fit into the above categories. Morning meditation is also an excellent way to help yourself remember the details of your dreams of a past life. Or work with a Regression Therapist such as myself to bring these details to the fore and analyze the messages and whether issues from your past life are indeed causing imbalance in your current life. 


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