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About Faith

I am a qualified holistic counselor and past life regression therapist and my focus is helping people of all ages through their life challenges in a positive way. I use Oracle and Tarot cards as tools to help me to help you, together with my abilities in clairsentience and clairaudience to pick up on your energy, what you are thinking and more importantly, feeling. If I receive information on a past life which may be influencing this life, I will tell you, however, past life regression is always done in person. I also utilize my counseling skills and will help you to understand psychologically why certain things are happening and I will listen to you and not judge you.
My readings are down to earth and, friendly and practical, and are always compassionate and calm. I can utilize the cards in many different ways: a specific spread, a past present future spread, or a relationship spread, however, I find that we receive the best answers from Spirit when shuffling the cards and letting them drop or fly. I find tarot and oracle cards as an excellent tool to clearly show what’s been happening in your life (maybe you have been holding yourself back somehow?) and I can answer and give guidance to your questions about love, relationships, money, work and career and family life.
At an early age, I knew I was an empath and I thought everyone was the same! I grew older and worked for many years in customer service and supervising people, and I was always the go-to person for help, comfort and for down to earth practical advice. My “psychic” moment came when I lost my second child at 17 weeks due to illness. My psychic awareness suddenly opened up and I could hear and feel things about myself and other people I never had the ability to before and I have worked on this ability ever since. I had my family, continued to work then lost the sight in my left eye. At a crossroads in my life, and no longer being able to work in my financial based role, I delved into holistic study.
Most people are trying to break new mental, emotional, and spiritual ground. That’s my job, to be a friend and help them get to where their spirit aches to go. I will give you clear guidance on every aspect you are confused about, need advice on, or wish to discuss. I can give you focus, direction and comfort and I hope to empower you to make the correct choices or develop a different perspective, for you to move forward in your life positively, with hope, and happiness!
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