Ready To Let Go

By Brenda: What are the things that we can really control in our life? When it comes to love, the answer is usually zero, zip or nada! True love and soulmate connections happen through mutual attraction, synchronicity and past life connections. A strong connection that is magnetic and all-encompassing is effortless and feels more like a dance rather than a push and pull full of frustrations. In our lives, many people and many lives will touch our life some are meant to stay and others to move on.

1brenda2 Personal and love relations need to be able to weather all that the universe throws at us. A love partner will be that one to put in the center of his or her lives and the one to go the extra mile in times of crisis. Some love relationships have all those qualities, but in the eyes of the universe, they have shelf life and that if two people do not grow together they grow apart. When this happens one or both partners are usually left bereft questioning why this has happened. How could my soulmate or twin flame leave me or choose another? Was it somehow my fault? What could I have done to change this?

Sometimes there really is no answer other than at some point your partner had decided to take another path. That for quite some time they had not the courage to voice their desires in an effort not to hurt the very person they hoped not to hurt. A conundrum for sure!

So where does that leave the person left behind? How do they pick up the pieces and move on? Often when this happens there is the desire to get your partner back at all costs, which includes imposing your wills and desires on them and the energy surrounding the situation, a plan that rarely works but only serves to add anger and control into the situation. So how do you rise above this? Bring some new perspective on your old relationship and new possibilities? One of the best ways is to let it go!

Letting go of a situation that you have no control of can become incredibly freeing it can also have the magical effect of changing the energy around a current love situation. After all, every person that he we have been intimately connected with in a love relationship will still be connected to us forever and ever on a psychic and spiritual level.

It is natural to want to try every way possible, to move heaven and earth to literally drive ourselves crazy to bring our relationship back. This does not bring peace nor does it bring healing or new possibilities, letting go does. Letting go of a relationship that no longer works or brings hurt and frustration creates a space where transformation can happen. This transformation can take many forms. It can manifest as a new opening in which a new and true soulmate can enter, it can bring clarity to a situation that has been surrounded by miscommunication and hurt. It can also in very special situations bring an old love back as a new partner with a new perspective on love and commitment.

Letting go can hurt. It may physically feel as if a piece of you is floating off into the universe, however, that most of the time is just ego. Your ego, not wanting to let go of some situation you have no control over. That niggling attachment that you may perceive as fate when in reality it is the natural course of the universe. Knowing when to let go is important as well and often manifests as the situation becoming intolerable, emotionally and physically draining. A way of the universe hitting you on the back of the head saying, “Hello, how bad do you want this to be?” or “How much more can you take?”

Letting go is not easy, It will initially take focus and will. The will to surrender to change to embrace it and the new opening you will create to be filled with new and true love, a love that you deserve for your own highest good.


Love and Light,


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