Protecting Your Energy

By Rani: One forgiveness at a time. Every person deserves a chance. When someone betrays you, remember the mistake you made. Imagine being forgiven by the very person you want back. It is important to distinguish between toxic traits and ignorance when saying this. People who repeat the same mistakes clearly have little respect for you. You can forgive someone once for different things. One should not be cut off for one mistake unless it weighs a lot. You must use a scale in your mind and outweigh how deep they cut you. Will the wound be one that heals?

1rani2 Speak your truth. Those who break within their mind are those who speak too loud. This voice feels the need to be heard when reality forces it shut. This is why you sometimes ask for permission not forgiveness. Before making such a choice you have to compare your pathways. Think about the outcome of the action you are about to act upon. Keep in mind not only how it will affect yourself, but the links to them. Your energy is not only connecting to that person’s energy. Like a spider, there is a web around your soul. Consider the damage that will occur within your frequency.

Remember no one is going to save you. Someday all will be able to save one another. Currently, each person is occupied with the weight they are carrying. For we are all secretly suffering as the world is not within standards. Everyone has something that is happening within their plot.

“So you see every day, every week, every month and every year of my life, my hero’s always 10 years away. I’m never gonna be my hero. I’m not gonna attain that. I know I’m not, and that’s just fine with me because that keeps me with somebody to keep on chasing.”

The moment you stop chasing is when you will crash and burn. This burnout will result in hibernation. The length of this depends on the weight of the situation. Do not rush into healing you do not want anything left over. Even if it means you empty your cup. Just imagine it means you are up to cup 2 ,you are not at a loss.

Cut off all games. Those who have not discovered the deepest depths of their mind are still in it as if it is a game. This often reflects they are a low vibration who will drain you. If you feel irritable, low or antisocial, this is a sign that you are not vibing on the same frequency. Keep in mind technically no one is higher or lower. This is not to say there is not different types of energy. Once you grow and find the type of energy you fit into. You will realise everyone has different versions of draining energy. So low vibrational beings still exist in your reality although you are equal.

Feel your emotions. Do not contain unwanted energy. You have to release the toxins you build up from trying to be better. This is why those who have a lot going on react more. They have more suppressed energy built up. If you are true to your emotions, you will be sure to express them. Remember to keep others opinions and beliefs open to your mind. This is how you will be able to elevate faster. You have to remember you story is one in billions. Add new chapters by hearing others scenes. The more variables you hear about the wiser you become.


Love and Light,


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