Preparing For 2018

By Sheri: As we come to the close of 2017 and the nearing of 2018, there are rituals that you can do to ensure that 2018 comes in with renewed energy and zeal.

This is a good time to look back at your year. Look at what has not come to fruition in your year. Did you gain that forever partner? Did you achieve success in your career? Did you finally manifest that dream home you have been longing for?

1sheri2 Whatever it is that you felt so strongly about in 2017, it is time to ask the tough questions. Was your desire for your highest good? That means would anyone else be harmed by you receiving your intention? If no, then ask the next question. Was it an intention that was pure of heart and soul? That example easiest explained with a new house. If it was to show off or to show that you are better than another, that is not pureness. If it was simply because it has always been your dream home, that is goodness and pureness.

Take some time to write your desires down for 2018. I find that getting a binder works best for this as you can add pages, pictures, and whatever you feel is imperative to each of your intentions for 2018.

On the cover of your book or binder simply write: My 2018 Intentions – Thank you Universe for bringing them to fruition.

Now take the first page and write your intention (only 1 per page). And then write the why, what it will look like, how it will feel to achieve this and put a date beside the title. E.g. Jan 1 2018 – New Home. (that is your title).Then, continue on the page and describe the home. Two storey, ranch, brick, log, plank, environmental, big yard, small yard, gardens and what they will look like, the interior, the style of windows, what is on the floors, furniture, bedrooms, kitchen etc. You are designing your dream home and when you put it to paper, it becomes intention and not just a dream. When you describe it in detail, it helps you to envision it. And the reason I said, binders are best for this. Cut out pictures of things that you would love to have in your home and put them on the pages with the initial new homepage.

Then you go onto your next intention. Separate page – e.g. Career in Management – you would have to think hard for this as it is what type of management are you seeking, why, how will you feel when it comes to fruition? Will it help anyone else if you get this? Take the time to think it out – it is important. Don’t hurry through this process all in one day or your life will be one rush moving forward.

You can have as many intentions as you wish and chances are they will not all happen in 2018 however, when something does, you take that set of pages and a big marker and write THANK YOU UNIVERSE and the date across each of the pages to acknowledge that you have manifested your dream.

It shows that you know how to trust, believe and be grateful for what is given to you.

The other aspect of this is releasing those things that didn’t work this past year. Let go of resentments, hurts, anger, jealousy, revengeful feelings, hate, etc. No negative emotion will help you on this path, it will actually prevent you from manifesting your desires.

The last part of this quick lesson is to be patient. Impatience puts things out further and further. Patience will bring it up to you quicker. Don’t say “I have been patient, it’s been 4 years”. Well, it may be 5 years or 10 years, however it will come. Those that believe will succeed and those that give up, do not.

Love yourself unconditionally, be happy with who you are as things and people are not going to make you happy if you aren’t already in that space with yourself, be grateful for all that you do have even if it’s just the 10 fingers and toes and watch how things will shift.


Blessings and Welcome to the New Year!


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