Passion For Purple: Everyday Magical Uses Of Lavender

By Chelsea: When we think of Lavender, the most common thoughts that come to mind are the pale purple color, Easter dresses, Spring, a field of flowers, and pure relaxation.  But beyond that field of flowers is so much more! Below is a list of uses for this unique flower, my favorite recipes, and craft ideas, some of which you’ve never thought of. And a freebie Love Spell for today.  Lavender will…

Improve sleep: I use a lavender sleep satchel under my pillow. This helps keep nightmares at bay and lulls you to sleep for those with insomnia. Using this is an incredibly peaceful sleep that could last longer than your normal sleep. Hit me up for instructions!

Helps skin blemishes: I make and give this Lavender Hazelnut face cream to friends and loved ones… this fantastic and surprising skin cream helps with flaws, brightening, and even fine lines. I have the recipe for you; shoot me a message!


Rolled into your smudge sticks: Do you make your smudge sticks? Burning white sage and lavender together not only help clear a house of negativity but fill it with peace and love. I can show you how!

Excellent for house blessings: Along with Lavender white sage smudge sticks, a fantastic way to enhance a house blessing is what I use to finish every paranormal house cleaning. Holy Water, Lavender, and Sea Salt room spray.  It’s so simple yet so effective!

Reduces blood pressure and heart rate: This is done with aromatherapy. Warming a couple of drops of Lavender essential oil or burning a natural lavender candle once a day will help you.

Protection/Dream Balm: Add a few drops of Lavender Essential oil and Chamomile essential oil together in a cup of coconut oil. Solidify but use it on your forehead, under your nose, and chest to protect you from psychic attacks while you sleep and help you have lovely and vivid dreams.

Used in peace and conflict reduction spells: This is wonderful and fast to help quickly disarm arguments and bring about compromise and agreement. I’m happy to give this to you in a message or chat.

Lavender Ice Cream: Just because! It’s amazing!!

Spells to attract or enhance Love: I’ve got many… But I’ve included one in this article for you to use immediately. Let me know if you’re interested in others!

Natural pain remedy: I usually use Arnica Cream for bruises and swelling, but with a twist. After the Arnica Cream, I add the above Protection/Dream Balm. Lavender is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it works well for sore muscles after a workout.

Asthma relief: Adding a few drops of Lavender essential oil to your humidifier will help you control your asthma.

Moth repellant in dressers/closets: Mothballs smell awful, so make your own by dipping cotton balls in lavender essential oil and using them as you would mothballs. The sleep satchel, as listed above, is fantastic as a pouch for your dresser drawers as well.

Hot Flash Relief: I recommend lavender massage oil to help with this and other menopausal symptoms. You can make it at home! Just ask for the directions in chat or by message.

Natural antifungal: As a natural antiseptic and antifungal, I make and use a bathroom spray for cleaning. Just ask.

Promotes hair growth AND dandruff relief: This shampoo recipe will help control dandruff and thicken hair volume and encourage growth. I’m happy to share it.

Stress relief: This is primarily aromatherapy and massage oil above. Don’t forget a lavender sleep satchel to help you relax.

Lavender Bath/Body Wash: This body wash recipe will help you brighten and tighten your skin while alleviating blemishes. When you use this, you get the aromatherapy benefits as well!

Culinary Uses: Ask me for my daughter’s favorite lavender lemonade recipe!  Also happy to share my favorite lavender wedding cookies recipe.

Lavender honey: You can get this through Young Living Essential Oils. They have lavender fields as well and collect the honey there.

Psychic Awareness: Burning the smudge sticks or even dried lavender during meditation will help you connect easier and stronger on the psychic level. 

And here’s your freebie spell for today!

Try this spell to attract love:

This is what you’ll need.

A small mason jar, lavender honey, lavender oil, rum or tequila, rose petals and thorns, patchouli oil, cinnamon, rose water, vanilla, a chunk of rose quartz, pen and paper, a candle, and a lighter.

And this is what you do with all of it…

Add rose water, alcohol, lavender honey, petals and thorns, cinnamon, vanilla, and rose quartz to the jar and combine… clockwise only. Then anoint the candle with rose water and cinnamon, light it, and let it burn down while you jot down your request for love, the qualities you’re looking for into a list, using only past or present tense. For example… don’t say, “I want my forever love to come to me.”  Instead, say, “My forever love is coming to me.”  This helps with the manifestations. Place the list under the candle.  After the candle has burned down, let it go out naturally or snuff it out with your fingertips. Do not blow it out. Then place what’s left of the candle and the paper list inside the jar. Seal up the jar, walk east to where two roads cross, and put it in a dumpster or garbage can near the intersection. Your spell is complete. Release it and let it go; you can even forget about it. The spell is cast, and you’re on your way.

That’s all for now.  I am happy to offer you any of these recipes or ideas in chat right here at Let me help you fall in love with Lavender.

Don’t forget to plant lavender by your front door to help bring inside all the luck in love you could ask for!


With Love and Light,


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