Own Your World Through Creative Visualization

By Brenda: What would your life be like if you could manifest your deepest desires? The goals that you hold dear to your heart? All this can be possible through the practice of Creative Visualization. All of us can dream, we can see ourselves in a better job, in the ideal, healthy relationship or feeling calm and physically fit. Or any other goal either lofty or small that we have a deep desire for, but how do we bring this goal into a reality?

1brenda2 One of the most successful techniques is through Creative Visualization. Creative Visualization is a way to attain your goals using Mind. Body and Spirit that begins with our thoughts. Starting with the premise that our minds are the most powerful things we possess and that the manifestation of our goal starts with the positive vision and thought. Our thoughts are a direct connection to the super-consciousness, the universal energy that exists all around us on earth and in the universe. With the belief that thoughts both negative and positive are actions. As beings on this planet we are connected energetically to every other being. This is a concept hard to conceive at first, but can be easily verified through a psychic reading where the psychic reads things about your life no one but you would know. The psychic is tapping into the universal energies that we all share, the super-consciousness. The technique of Creative Visualization taps into that same universal energy it does this by five easy steps:

1. Identify your goal and be very specific. Creative Visualization is a powerful way to focus, laser-like on your goal. You must be able to tune out all the outside influences of daily life to see it clearly.

2. On a daily basis, try to relax and bring yourself to a meditative state. Visualize yourself accomplishing that goal. See yourself within that goal in three different angles. For example: If you are wanting a specific job at a specific place, visualize yourself already there sitting at your desk. Then visualize yourself walking into the building, then visualize yourself actually doing the job itself.

3. Take steps on the emotional level. Be clear with yourself that you deserve to accomplish that goal, release and fear that you feel about accomplishing the goal. Again, during your daily meditation get in touch with how it feels to accomplish your goal. When you feel those spidery tendrils of fear and doubt release them to the universe like clouds floating away.

4. Take steps of the physical level. This is your seed, your reflection to the universe that say that you are willing to work hard for your goal. If your goal is career oriented send out resumes, talk to people in your industry and put out the word. If your goal is to meet your perfect mate, don’t sit around the house go to places and connect with people that are looking as well. If your goal is health related take steps on the path to improve your health.

5. Give thanks. Once you have focused your mind, body and spirit towards your goal and achieved it through Creative Visualization techniques it is time to give thanks. Thanks to the universe, thanks to God/Goddess by way of prayers, lighting a white candle or planting a flower or a tree. In this way you will be able to pay your energy forward setting up a positive karmic cycle, one that will be able to move you upwards on your spiritual journey. By the use of Creative visualization you can begin to feel more centered and relaxed in your life, be able to see life’s possibilities. Most of all be able to see a clear and concise way to manifest them in your life.


Love and Light,


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