Our Passed Loved Ones Are Still With Us

By Carmel: Many times in readings, a client will ask me about those who have passed on to the light ahead of them, and in these times when we celebrate and honor the departed, it is an appropriate time to discuss the ways in which our loved ones can communicate with us which can bring us a feeling of great peace and relieve the pain for us of losing such wonderful people or indeed in some cases an animal .

We all at some time in our lives will lose someone who has mattered a great deal to us whether is it a parent, a partner, a beloved friend, a relative, a teacher or a pet who has shared our life with us and given us the companionship and support that we have needed on our paths, and while there is no replacement for any one of these people or animals as they are totally unique and wonderful souls, we can find comfort in knowing that they are still with us and still love us.


In our modern Western culture, many people do not feel comfortable to discuss with others those who have passed on and in turn we may feel uncomfortable to speak of them too much in general life, but with spiritual people we find that they are very open to the sharing on this level as they believe and indeed know that there is no real separation between us, and that there is only a thin veil which is between our worlds. Many of us have mediumistic gifts that are natural and part of our lives but we may have been taught that such gifts are to be feared and this can limit us in exploring the ways in which we can connect with spirit. We can reach a different level of understanding however if we have faith in ourselves and our instinctive connection to our loved ones in the afterlife.

Firstly, my belief has always been that love is stronger than death and that our time on earth is but a part of our eternal journey. I know for many of you who are reading this article this belief is shared as so many of you have told me this in our readings or from reading my articles or writings and of course from your own personal experiences.

I was always aware of a spiritual power in my destiny from an early age and one of my most powerful experiences in that regard that I had when young which convinced me to believe in the spiritual realm was when I was about 16 years of age and quite ill lying in bed with a fever from a childhood illness. The fever was not breaking and my parents were very concerned about me at that point and I remember dozing off into a light sleep then suddenly I woke up and saw my grandfather looking over me with his old hat on which he loved to wear, and he said to me softly” It is okay, Bubby (his pet name for me), you will be fine now, just go to sleep”, I knew that he was with me but he had passed on some time before. I went to sleep and a hour or so later woke up, and the fever had totally broken. I was on my way to recovery. My grandfather had always been a very important part of my life and knowing he was still there for me gave me a great feeling of comfort and happiness.

From that time on, and from many other experiences I have had, I know that our loved ones are there watching over us. There are many ways that the spirit can reach us, either as in my case, directly to give us a message or in more subtle ways. For instance, a client of mine had lost her husband some time before she approached me for a reading and wanted to know if her beloved husband who had been her true and lasting soulmate had any way he could contact with her. I advised her to watch her garden and to suspend any disbelief. She laughed and said that the only way she thought he could use the garden to connect with her was if her favorite lily would bloom that he had planted but that it had not bloomed since the spring before he died. I advised her to watch the garden anyway. She contacted me a few months later in the spring and with a shaking voice told me with joy that the lily had finally bloomed again! We both took a moment to thank her husband’s spirit for bringing through that message of hope for her.

It is not just people who can come through to us in spirit but also beloved animals as well. Another client once came to me for a reading, where she had lost her adored and greatly loved pet which was a cat who had died as a result of a dog fight. She was highly distraught and found it hard to deal with everyday living. I felt that the animal was very close to her but she told me although she wanted to believe she was, she was afraid to hope for any sign in case she was disappointed. I advised her to leave the cat’s blanket somewhere where she could see it on her bed, and leave a photo of her animal out as that was another way the cat could reach her. Amazingly, a short while later, she reported back to me that she had felt her cat on the bed with her in its old place! She knew she had not imagined it and from that time on, her grief was replaced with a certainty that her dear pet was still with her.

If you have lost a soul that you are still thinking of or grieving for, start by understanding that love has no end for you or the soul you miss. Set up a special place in your home to celebrate the soul’s life and keep a photo or likeness near you. Be open to the spirit approaching you in a subtle or obvious way and protect your space by sealing your auric home energy by using sage in each room as a dried herb or a small vial of salt in your living areas and visualizing light energy around you as a protection. Never invite any other spirit energy around you that is not of the light. Only consult reputable mediums or psychics on this area as they will not betray your trust.

One thing you can be sure of is, your loved one will not leave you and will be with you on your path as they are in spirit and in the light!

If you would like to consult with me on this area of spirit connection and communication or on your destiny in general, please contact me by chat or call and be open to spirit connecting in whatever way is best for you.


Love and Light,


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