Once In A Blue Moon

By Aleece: October is having a blue moon. We used to say once in a blue moon if we wanted to convey the message “not very often.” I have long been fascinated by watching the wonders of the sky, but not very aware of the patterns or taught in the ways of the skies. So I share with you humbly from my experience, not from years of study, that living in awareness of the moon has brought more clarity to my life, and it doesn’t happen just in a blue moon!

A blue moon I have learned is a full moon that occurs twice in one month. I have long observed as I worked with pregnant women, that the moon affected the timing of healthy births. When I volunteered in the Labor and Delivery area, that was always a busy time for deliveries. It was also a busy time in the emergency room. It seemed common place to recognize the moon has an effect on the physical body.


I already had understood the effect of the moon on the rising tide of oceans and rivers. We lived in an area that had tropical storms and you hoped if there was landfall of a hurricane, that it wouldn’t occur during a full moon, for then  the flooding would be higher and damaging. I had also learned that planting a garden by the moon cycles was also worth consideration. The effects of the moon upon the Earth goes further than even the waters above ground, but affecting what is within.

Hawaiians experimented with planting at different times and said, “When we first made the conscious effort to plant on the full moon, what stood out the most, was how much straighter and taller the kalo stood than usual. It was as if someone had reached down and pulled it up to the sky. Perhaps just as the moon’s gravity pulls on the ocean, it also lifts the water up through the kalo plant. You don’t have to take our word for it. Test it out for yourself and make your own observations. See what the same plant looks like when planted on different moons. See which plants grow best on which moons. Let’s all challenge ourselves to learn together.”

While in Hawaii, I saw at the Waldorf school, on the young children’s walls, the names of the moon, based on the part reflected by the sun. I stood transfixed by the pattern and names-

  • Mahina: Moon

  • Malama: Month

  • Anahulu: Period of 10 days

  • Hoʻonui: Enlarging, first anahulu

  • Poepoe: Rounding, second anahulu

  • Hoʻēmi: Diminishing, third anahulu

This may be what you see marked on your regular calendar:

New Moon- When you see nothing of the moon 

Waxing Crescent 

First Quarter

Waxing Gibbous

Full Moon

Waning Gibbous

Last Quarter

Waning Crescent

New Moon

What is the benefit of paying attention to this? Why sync up with the cycle of the moon, and let that ongoing pattern flow in the housekeeping of one’s life? Well, I have come to understand the cyclical pattern of life over a linear approach is more like our DNA, spiraling us forward. I heard the full moon is a good time for releasing what no longer serves you, and new moons are a new start, a reset, setting new intentions for the month. I have since seen that there are prompts that can guide you through the whole lunar cycle.

It looks like this:

New Moon- Reset- (Get clear on what your intentions are, plant the seed of intention.)

Waxing crescent- Refine

First quarter- Action

Waxing Gibbous- Trust

Full Moon- Celebrate- (Release anything that has been hidden to the light, forgive.)

Waning gibbous- Receive

Last quarter- Breathe deeply, fresh air

Waning Crescent- Reflect

Your takeaway: Observing the moon’s cycle, a natural occurrence that revolves around you, can be a tangible reminder of choices you can make, and actions to take, and working with good timing for good results. I offer this idea for you to consider. Consider a lunar way to celebrate a larger perspective on something, we may have never considered before and invite in more intention into our lives. Some say that the moon is the feminine light while the Sun is the masculine, and the lunar is listening to your intuition, while solar is going on traditional linear thinking.

I have found that following the moon cycle has given me a routine that has carried me through the tumultuous times of 2020, and I offer it as a way to go forward with groundedness. It is grounding to practice something that has seen our ancestors through their lives. I do believe that intuition is a muscle we all have been given. It is how our ancestors survived. Knowing this, and choosing to use it more, grows stronger from the exercise, like any other muscle or function we have. So here is to being aware of the wonders above us, in us, and the powers that come from using them.

I hold space for you, giving perspective and intention for connecting with the Divine through tangible means and natural wonders. 


Love and Light,


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