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“Surrounding the Lands, under the sky above the core, I lie. Forever moving, forever active forever alive. I cover most of this world, I hold many of different life. I am awake in the day and awake in the night. I feed life, I breed life, I give life, I take life. Without me there is no you, there is no tomorrow. And there is no yesterday. I have been here since the beginning of time, I am the first to see the sunrise and the first to see it set. Most of you in this world I have met.
I bring peace, I bring harmony, also destruction and disaster. I am simplicity, I am beauty I am here ever after”.

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There are 4 elements of the zodiac. Fire, Air, Earth and Water. Today’s article will be based on the water signs of the universe. What are the water signs? These are Cancer Scorpio and Pisces. You may be or will know one of these signs. The core Element for these signs is water.

These Signs are very much attuned to waves of emotion, and are often known to have a built in ability for reading and feeling moods of others. This gives them a unique sensitivity in relationships, always knowing when to show warmth or when to hold back.

At the water signs best they are a healing force of energy that brings people together, at their worst they have the ability to drain the life force or energy of those closest to them. All star signs have weakness and strengths just as all people do in this universe. Water is a formless element on its own. Which is why those with this sign are so quickly shaped by their relationships to others. They will always need time alone to remember who they are and gain peace of mind through space alone and harmony.

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When energies are low or the water sign reaches a low point within life, one thing which
always helps to rebuild their energy and bring calmness is the Ocean. To be near the ocean is a true fix for the water signs. The Sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean, the energy of
the ocean matches in with their core element and therefore in a way helps to heal it. So if you are a water sign you are going through stress, a hard time in life and want a little fix me up then try taking some time out alone by the beach side breath in the air listen to the waves, smell the ocean and let the energy of the water calm your own.

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“I am you, you are me, your core element is the same. I am the ocean, big, open and free. I am harmony. I am peace, I am life, I am here for you, sit by me and watch your worries run away, for yesterday was yesterday and today is a new day. Look forward to the future, let me heal your stress, my ocean walls are always open”.

Next week we will be talking about the element of Air… So stay tuned to learn a little something about you!

Love and Light, Farrah x

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