My Journey As A LifeReader

By Milica: I wanted to write this article to introduce myself to everyone here at LifeReader. It has been a wonderful experience already, and i look forward to many more connections. Here is a little bit about myself and myself as a reader.

I have always had a deep interest in the esoteric, energy, healing and health, the mind and the spirit, and have practiced intensely in yoga, martial arts and meditation. Discovering I was gifted has been a series of confirmations over the years, since a very young age.

milica3 I am an artist, and years ago i left the city life and moved out into the nature. I live in a coastal park, in the bush, perched up on top of a sand dune, on a peninsula carved out by a river on one side, and the big ocean on the other. Many animals make their sanctuary here. My favourites to watch are Eagles, black cockatoos and ibis. Watching black cockatoos fly and listening to them cry out, takes one in an ancient place. The nature is wild all around me. I live observing the seasons and the movements and the growth, and the clouds, the stars and the moon. Daily. The air is salty and the energy is pure. The sky is big and clear. This helps me to tune in and align psychically, within a pure vibration.

I have been doing readings for many years and it has been really fun to join the team at LifeReader. My main tools are my Tarot deck, crystals and guidance. I love making connections and doing readings for people. My readings come from a place of Love, with the intention to remove suffering and doubts in the mind, and heal dis-ease by helping you become an observer of yourself and the energies that surround you. This can bring about a change in consciousness to a higher awakened state, breaking down illusions that impede spiritual growth, and seeing the truth as it is. I always maintain my integrity and impeccability in giving you a reading with the intention of guidance that is the best for you right now, even if the truth is something that you wouldn’t be comfortable to hear. I maintain devotion to giving you guidance that connects you to your Higher Self and gives you wise alternatives and deeper insights to guide you on your life path.

My style of reading explores the energies that are at play, in the moment. I can see potential outcomes, in the current moment. How energies play out depends on our thoughts and actions. We are what we think, we are our actions, we create our own destinies through the choices we make.

I am aware of how precious the minutes are during the online readings, and always aim to give you information as fast as I can. Occasionally, i may not be able to connect to your question or the energy, and if that is the case, I will always let you know immediately.

When? This is a question that is often asked. I don’t have the gift of knowing exactly when something will happen. I can try to see if it will be in the near future, or if it will take time, but the exact timing is dependent on so many factors coming together, in Their Perfect timing, in line with the Laws of the Universe and Nature. Sometimes it is Us that are not ready for that time to come. We still need to search within, find our inner wisdom, transform and change and so become our future selves that are ready for ‘When’ to arrive. Sometimes it is what is Outside of Us that is not yet ready for ‘When’ to come. These are delicate workings of the Universe and Humanity and we can delay or hasten our destinies, but the time in waiting allows us to travel on our own spiritual journey and grow and Become ready for when that time and opportunity arrives. That inner knowing brings wisdom, clear thinking, patience and peace that cultivates a nurturing environment within You to grow and Become and Be the future you desire.


Looking forward to seeing you online 🙂

Love Light and Many Blessings,


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