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By Farrah-H: There are so many people, coaches and ads out there on the internet that flood my laptop my mobile phone and almost every website I visit. They talk about money, how to make it, the to-do’s and the not-to-do’s. There is so much manifestation language out there styles and teachings. Which interests me profoundly.

There are two things wrong with this picture I see. The first is people are not teaching the real manifestation techniques that work and create real results and the second, there is much misinformation when it comes to money and its connection with mindset. This article I wrote with my customers and friends in mind on LifeReader, whether you are new or old, I want to share some powerful findings through years of work and success both spiritually, mentally and financially. 


Before I get into too much depth, I want to tell you if this article will be beneficial for you or not, as I don’t want you to spend time reading something that won’t benefit you in your life right now. In today’s time and age, time is something we seem to never have, we also abuse it in many ways, by making excuses for not having enough time to see friends, family, loved ones or enjoy the activities we deserve to enjoy, the truth we use excuses for not having enough time when we are spending time doing things not productive, things we don’t need to be doing and online websites and social media take up much of that time (among washing and housework, for you mothers you know exactly what I am talking about). 

This article is for you if… 

1) You are feeling lost within yourself right now in life, you don’t feel complete you feel you are giving your all to the world and you are worried that this is all you will ever get back. 

2) You feel financially drained, are sick of relying on others, of working hard to never save enough or reach that financial goal, so you can spend more time with the ones you love doing what you love. 

3) You are so focused on debt and what you don’t have that this mindset of LACK consumes your days .

4) You believe in your heart if others can do it and create a successful financial life with work or business and enjoy more time with friends and family then you can do it too. 

If you answered any or all of the above questions, you are not wasting any time, this article will benefit you in fact it will change your life. And I am talking BIG, MASSIVE, MINDSET CHANGE on a page. That’s right, a page of information that will help you shift and start living in the money mindset manifestation. 

I am a spiritual reader, I am also a clinical psychologist by trade, I am a business owner, I am a coach and I am a meditation teacher and healer, I have written books created courses and being able to create a very successful lucrative lifestyle. I do not need to work on Life Reader to earn money, why? Because I do not need it and I am proud to say I am at this stage in my life. I do it because I love it and I have a purpose to teach others to fulfill their potential and live the life of abundant happiness they enjoy, every single one of you. Yes, I am talking to you my friend. 

There does not have to be so much distance between the word money and the word spirituality. They can be aligned so closely together that they become one, many separate these things and that is what creates a mindset of LACK of not enough of WHY, and of never reaching financial abundance and being happy too. I teach something called the Money Mindset Manifestation technique. It’s really simple. It’s a mindset, a way of thinking and focusing that allows you to attract financial abundance into your life, while you work, live day to day and sleep. It’s a technique that ticks over 24/7 it never stops once you get into the practice. 

There is no big formula for it, it’s not a real secret either. Its simple its powerful and it will profound change in your life if you use it and use it with passionate belief that it will work. If you believe it will happen, and if you follow it will happen. If you want to change your limiting belief system, your mindset and your brain on a cellular level, it happens with meditation and in my opinion, it’s the only powerful effective way to really create that money mindset manifestation. I have created a meditation, yes, it’s a mindset money meditation and I have given this to thousands of my clients over the years. They have reaped the benefits and I have had so much feedback that has made me feel so fulfilled and believe in the meditation system so much more than anything. 

I want to give this to you today in this article and I want you to copy and paste it, print it out, read it everyday, or perhaps record yourself saying it and listen to this recording everyday and add music to the background if you want to make it fancy. I want you to say this to yourself repeating it in a sit down mindful meditation session every morning and night for 10 minutes both morning and night. You will repeat it at least 7 times within the meditation. Put a timer on so you reach your goal of ten minutes, Embrace the words, feel them, see them, believe them and watch yourself have all that you manifest. 


“I am amazing, I am powerful, I am creative, I am kind, I am caring. It is a beautiful morning and as I sit here in my own space I embrace the loving energy of the universe, I give thanks and gratitude for every single thing both big and small, I am so thankful the opportunities flowing into my life, for the love, and the air I breathe, I am thankful for my good amazing health. I am thankful for the money that is flowing into my life, it’s on its way and going into my bank account, this money will allow me to live my purpose to live the life I want with more time for my friends and family. Thank you universe for this opportunity, for this money, for the financial growth you are giving me right now in this moment, for this spiritual growth too and for the joy in my heart. I am loved, I am powerful, I am an attractor, I am successful I am financially powerful and financial helpful to those in need, thank you universe for all you bring, for all I have and all that’s coming now.” 

Please take this meditation above and hold on to it, it’s yours to keep forever, they are more than words when used each day they can and will help you reach your goals, no matter how big or small, don’t miss a day don’t give up, stick to it for 6 months and just watch how things will transform your life financially, spiritually emotionally in fact in every aspect. I have seen the results for over 7 thousand people and I continue to focus my life on reaching everyone I can as there is enough in the world to be abundant, there truly is enough to go around financially and spiritually, money is energy and when we use this mindset correctly and consistently amazing, profound things will happen. 


I hope you enjoyed this and that this article will change your life, in fact, I am certain it will. And I am here every step of the way with you. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or want a personal reading in this area or any other I am here for you always. 


Love And Light, 


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