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By Ernst: My dear fellow human beings! In this article, I would like to talk about messages from beyond. It’s a question that often comes up during a consultation. How can I talk or make contact with a deceased one or with my spirit guide? Everyone has different reasons for wanting to get in touch with them. Often people gain insights and messages from beyond in their sleep through dreams but also through meditation.

Often people see images of them and gather insights and messages. These messages, dreams and insights are not always clear to us and people ask for explanations. This is about how to recognize and understand the messages being shown to us. Everyone grows and develops on a spiritual level during certain times in our lives. 


That sparks an interest in wanting to know more about how to deal with this and how to recognize things. Furthermore, people discover that they themselves have psychic abilities. They want to know how they can develop these and recognize their psychic abilities.

Angels, spirit guides and deceased loved ones try to communicate with us in various different ways. 

They show that they are among us and try to steer us in the right direction. They are actually all your personal Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. That is why I would like to address some signals and points of recognition here. The angels can send us a sign so that you are able to pick up more. So that you can recognize this faster. You can ask the angels or your deceased loved ones for a sign if they are with you and you are able to observe one of the signs below. The feeling you get at this clue or sign will also tell you who gave you this sign, an angel or, for example, your deceased father or mother.

Which signals can indicate angels or deceased loved ones that are with you? Below are some examples.


It doesn’t matter what color they are, suddenly a feather along your path is a sign of the angels. Sometimes a feather just falls outside your feet or you get into your car and you find one on the chair or at home on your bed.  A white feather is specifically a sign of your own personal guardian angel. The colors of the feathers also have a separate meaning and therefore stand for messages.


Often when it’s quiet you are more open to receive signs from the angels or deceased loved ones. It may happen that you are in your bed and just before you fall asleep you hear angels singing. The sounds are so beautiful and pure and give you a very peaceful feeling. Very nice to experience. What angels and deceased loved ones also do is play with your radio. The dial suddenly changes automatically or the next song is, for example, a song that you listened to with the deceased loved one. His or her favorite song and the lyrics of the song that just came on the radio has a message that comes in handy for you. This also works with deceased animals wanting to give you a message from beyond!


Suddenly a thought may occur to you that is not yours, or you hear a whisper in your ear while you are alone. These are angels guiding you. Don’t think you imagined this! If you don’t understand it well, you can ask them to speak louder or clearer. This is a wonderful way to get guidance from your angels. This often happens at times when you need help from the angels or could use some comfort.


The most obvious sign an angel can give is through clouds. Sometimes in the sky you see the shape of an angel. But also a cloud in the shape of a heart or a feather.  Something that has meaning for you at that particular moment. Angels and the souls that have passed on can do a lot with their energy, so you can trust that there is a reason they manifest like this.


Sometimes you can suddenly smell a really sweet or floral scent and there is nothing in your immediate environment that relates to that scent. This is a sign of angels letting you know they are with you. This is also a way that deceased loved ones use. For example: you can smell the perfume that your deceased grandmother always wore. You can smell your grandfather’s cigar. 

Animals and small children:

Animals and small children do not yet have filters that block contact with other dimensions, so they can just see the angels and the departed. You will see them staring at the ceiling or the child will laugh and point at something we can’t see. Your dog may start wagging his tail or bark while he or she is looking at something we don’t see.

Coins (pieces): 

Suddenly finding coins is also a sign. You can also get coins from someone and the picture or date on this has meaning to you. You may also find coins or paper money while asking the angels for financial help. That’s their way of letting you know that it’s going to be okay. Or you remember what you were thinking just before you found the coins. Trust that this is a sign that you are protected, guided and loved.

Advertising Signs: 

Sometimes you suddenly read a slogan on a billboard with an answer to the question you just asked the angels or the front page of a magazine is all about what you have just been struggling with, your eye catches the title of a book that gives you a message about what you just wanted to know. Try to pay attention to them, then you will encounter them more often.

Flashes of Light: 

Angels are beings of light. That is why you can see angels in the form of orbs, flashes of light or flashes of color. Even in a very bright star in the sky that is not normally there, without a clear light source nearby, are all signs of angels.


Butterflies and sometimes birds are a way for our deceased loved ones to know that they are with us and that all is well with them. This is especially noticeable if they come your way out of season.

Change in temperature: 

Sometimes you may suddenly feel a warm glow around you, or tingling, a cold breeze, pressure on your shoulders or your head. This can be both angels and deceased loved ones who want to let you know that they are with you. Trust your feelings about who it is. You could and may ask who is with you!  Here’s a tip: pay attention to the signals you receive.


As I said before, listening to your feelings is important. If you feel that you are in the presence of an angel, trust that you are. For example, if you feel like someone is with you while you are alone in the room. Or you can suddenly get the feeling of unconditional love and a touch that lets you know that an angel or deceased loved one is with you.


And finally rainbows. They symbolize unconditional love. If you have asked the angels for help and soon after you see a rainbow, know that the angels have heard you. Sometimes you come across very special rainbows such as a rainbow aura around the moon or a double rainbow or a rainbow when it has not rained at all. These are all signs from the angels around us.


Love and Light,


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