Manifesting Intentions Through Habits

By Pascale: In this article, I will suggest more ways to manifest that can easily be incorporated in your everyday activities and not only help your actions become enjoyable habits or rituals, but channels towards your goals. Note that the first steps and first few times you do it may take you a little more time, but once you are clear about what and how you are going to see to it, then it will become part of your routine and gradually, you will be able to observe the effects these mind sets have on you and your life.

There is a difference between a wish and an intention: A wish has a magical property and dream-like quality attached to it; it may be closer to a miracle or something out of a fairy tale, where barely or no effort is needed to manifest that wish. An intention, however, sets you on a real path to manifestation, results and fulfilment. With the intention, you channel an energy and create an energetic pathway that lets the universe know that you are setting on a course to act on your intention and open its potential.


By repeating this process over and over again, you create a pattern that can grow and multiply over time.  And remember, you can open up your potential by transforming a wish into an intention by means of realistic thoughts and steps.  

Below are a few examples you can easily follow or you can make your own. 

1. Manifest an intention through making your bed

This refers to the thoughtfulness and manner in which you make your bed, including the associations you select with each movement that takes place in the process of making your bed.

For example, stretching and smoothing the bottom bed sheets could be associated with laying out plans for your day, a particular goal, or simply ensuring your day/week/month will run smoothly and efficiently.  As to the pillows, which support your neck and head, are you going to fluff them up? Scatter them? How would you organize your thoughts if you had to allocate them to a pillow? Each in a corner? Inside it? In rows? Or are they what support your dreams and therefore special care should be given to them in order to enable positive dreams and help manifestations?  What kind of thoughts/dreams are you allowing in your pillow? Then, we also have the top sheet, blanket or doona: these could represent protection (aside from the cold): from challenges in your life to stress, and uneasiness: it covers your body, including your heart.  It is a refuge, a sanctuary under which no one and nothing can affect you in any way.  Are you going to roll the covers when you get up?  Fold them in half? Or are you going to cover the bed with them?  

The combination of these elements all ask that you give a specific thought, a desired intention to which you could add spirituality, if wished. You would make your bed like you attend to something precious, which in some ways, has a life of its own, like a sanctuary, even a living creature that needs protection and special care, one with supportive energy and that helps you manifest.

This isn’t about making “the perfect bed”. The main idea in this entire process relies on the bed being neat and tidy as it would represent a calm sanctuary where ideas and/or dreams are laid out very clearly, are organized and positive. Thus the unfolding of your day and goals would mimic these first steps taken earlier in the morning.

2. Manifesting an Intention through Food:

Whether or not you are a foodie is irrelevant. Firstly, you could select to prepare and eat a breakfast consisting of a boiled egg, a fruit or one fit for a Queen or King.  This habit is about how you will enable and prepare your culinary creation and eat it, be it extremely basic or a five star meal: 

For example, if you were to choose to eat a modest banana, you could associate each action, such as peeling it, cutting it in slices and laying it on a plate before eating it at a calm pace, with one or very few moments in your life that makes you feel contented and happy, be it a happy memory or a situation pertaining to your intention; and in doing so, you will create a pathway enabling an intention.  

You could very well imagine yourself (and act on it) being your own butler and serving yourself this banana as if it were a very special gift, say with cream, sprinkled with chocolate powder and decorated with petal flowers before eating it? The idea being that you should focus on appreciating and enjoying every single act of the preparation of your breakfast, lunch or dinner, and then eating it as a reward to yourself, and with all the enjoyment you can muster from it, thus gradually enabling your intention through this habit or ritual, and help manifestation. Once again, as with making one’s bed, you would want to give it a sense of ceremony, perhaps even as if it were the last food you would ever eat, in order to appreciate it to its fullest, and as far-fetched as it may sound; think about it. This process of loving dedication you give to your meal can also alter your energy field in a positive, happier way and will make you more aware of the value you put in each mouthful as well. The regularity of this process can morph into an enjoyable habit that can very easily seep into other daily routines. 

3. Manifesting an Intention through Flowers

The flowers’ process begins with self-care and self-nurturing in a different way, and whether or not you are a busy social butterfly or you are alone. Allow yourself a reward (and it needn’t be flowers nor stretch you financially), on a daily or weekly or monthly basis, for example This reward comes in the form of a small bunch of flowers you pick, buy or alternate as a present for yourself. Enjoy the process of selecting the flowers and picking them up or talking with the florist to help you find a new bunch, or a single flower for you every day.  See what that process can bring.  Is the flower odorant? Why would you choose a flower over another? What vase are you going to put it in? Or would you consider planting it? Would you talk to it?  What small pleasure can you derive from it? At what time of the day would you get it and why? What could you squeeze out of gratefulness for the Wednesday flower to have come into your life? (for example), or are you born on a Tuesday and therefore every Tuesday is a special flower day?  Select a flower by researching its symbol… hold a small journal about it, make the whole process a special one or keep it simple, but remember to associate the flower with an intention, a thought, something you wish to manifest that would be special and rewarding for you. The repetitive process, as with the others, would be a must.

The list goes on Intentions create purpose and purpose brings fulfilment, rewards through results, big or small. Everything requires effort, from brushing your teeth to opening a fridge’s door, or shoving clothes into a washing machine, but nothing needs to be thought of as that mundane or does it?  

So give it a try, bring the mundane, old habits in your life into your awareness and declutter them, clean them (mentally), polish them and make them shine, the way you like it, the way you’d dream your life to be. Enjoy the process, remain open minded to any outcome, observe and let life open its box of wonders for you by focusing on the good that can come from it.  

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what you choose to do, so long as the intention you incorporate in your selected habit(s) is consistent and implies a level of organization, and is associated with optimism.


Love and Light,


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