Making Choices

By Ernst: Being able to make choices is a beautiful thing, because by the choices you make for yourself, you distinguish yourself from others and you determine who you are and you create your own identity. We live in uncertain times and I’m often asked for help in making choices. People are having a hard time with this, they are afraid to make choices.

This is often due to fear. For example, fear of failure. But also fear of making the “wrong” choice. I believe that there’s no wrong choice. You learn your life’s lessons from the choices you make. Sometimes things just go wrong for no reason and the lesson is in accepting that it is the way it is. It only becomes a wrong choice if you keep repeating it in the future, when you don’t learn from the lesson, while you have the experience that this choice does not work for you.


So don’t be afraid, have no fear to opt for something new. Be honest with yourself when you keep repeating a wrong choice. People have, at least to a certain degree, free will and can make their own choices. Life is all about making choices. If you set a goal in your life and come up with a strategy for it, it means you have to make choices. Someone who doesn’t make choices loses a little self-confidence. If you are afraid to make choices and therefore continue to doubt, it is important to realize that a choice is often not final. Think for yourself that in this case at least you had the guts to make the decision. Action is better than doing nothing. You move forward and you can adjust things along the way.

How do you make choices?

What feels comfortable? What is the easiest way? Do I opt for a temporary quick solution?


What do I really want and what do I have to do to achieve this? Is this a difficult road? Will my choice also bring me something in the future?

Where do I stand in life, what do I want to achieve, where do I want to go and how do I get there? Make choices that feel right for you. Choices that make you happy. Choose with your heart. Set your own boundaries and make choices for yourself and not to please someone else or to be liked.

Do not let someone else’s opinion dictate what you will do. You can be easily influenced by the opinions of other people. Often these are important people in your life that you trust. The problem is that this will make you more likely to adapt your choice to their opinion. That’s because we don’t want to disappoint them in who we are. As a result, you no longer really make the choice that you want. Put your energy into what you want, not what you think you should. Taking good care of yourself is an important condition for being there for others. Unfortunately, we often turn it around, taking care of the other person first and then taking care of ourselves. That’s when you’re selling yourself short.

Often we’re also thinking up reasons why we should do something, even though we don’t want to. When choices gnaw at you and fear keeps you from choosing, dare to ask yourself, “What do I really have to lose”? Whatever choice you make, make sure it makes you happy. Making real choices takes courage. Make your own choices, otherwise choices will be made for you. Those who don’t make choices, choose to maintain the existing situations. That is also a choice. You can ask yourself whether you want that and if it will get you anywhere.

Life is a field of possibilities and opportunities and what you make of it is your life. Sometimes the “wrong choices” will take you to the right places.


Love and Light,


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