Loving Yourself, Is The Only Way!

A great teacher and healer 2,000 years ago tried to teach us “love thy neighbor as thyself”. This simple message is the most profound message applying to all aspect of our lives. Most relationships do not work because this is truly the missing component. If you don’t truly love and respect yourself, what could you possibly bring into a partnership with someone else? As a reader 99% of readings from clients are women waiting for a man.

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Waiting for him to call her, waiting for an ex to come back or wondering if she will ever have her perfect partner and mate. So obviously this seems to be the focus for many, many females. Why do we rarely get a male asking this question? Think about it for a moment. Most men were raised to be successful. Why have we raised our daughters not to do the same? This is the true paradox that most women face in the ability to love themselves.

Ladies, men see this desperation in us and many will and do take advantage of that. When you value who you are, you don’t jump so quickly. You take your time and allow things to unfold and be observant. We do not know another person deeply until about 2 years into a relationship. Is it not worth slowing down and being discerning so that you are not another statistic of a broken relationship or marriage?

I have married 6 couples now since I became an Ordained Minister and I counsel each and everyone of them before I will ever perform the wedding. Many times I see so many young people acting out of “lust” rather than love. Love is not immediate, infatuation is. When we take off the lusty colored glasses and give things time you will begin to see who is truly in front of you.

Because of my own personal experience I did some research recently. 60% of our population are “sociopaths”. Sociopaths are not the violent ones so they don’t stand out but these are humans that have no conscious or remorse. They literally mimic the behavior of normal people. They come across very charming and say all the right things but their end game is always only what they can get.

Sixty percent is more than half of the people in our world. That should be a wake up call for anyone in the dating game. I teach this all the time and it’s so important to realize some “seemingly” charismatic people are not at all what you think they are.

What needs to be a priority is self love and while you are “waiting” for a partner you should be making yourself into a partner worth cherishing. The best way to do that is to be busy finding out what your gifts are. The world needs something special that only you have. Take the time and energy and find out what that is. If you don’t do this what will you share with someone else? What will you talk about? Why would they find you interesting enough to invest time in you?

It’s not about how sexy our bodies are because all of us are going to be wrinkled prunes one day. It is about our Spirit and our passion. Discover who it is that lies beneath your skin. Find your passion and when you do you will begin to love yourself and this will teach all who meet you to respect and love you as well. If not, they are not the person you want to be be intimate with and share this journey called life.


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Her expertise is in the area of discernment regarding relationships and knowing the difference between "Twin Flame" or "Soulmate". She will guide you to your highest calling whether it be career or life path. Magdalene has worked many years in the health care field, with an emphasis on nutrition, she address the issues of Mind Body and Spirit, the true trinity of wellbeing.

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