The End Of Days

By Magdalene: Almost all teachings have prophesied a time when there would be a purification of the Earth. When men would have no natural affection, with greed, power and selfishness would be so pervasive it would be heart-wrenching to watch. In the past week I have had 5 people attempt to take their lives. I myself have been in so much pain, wishing to go home. In my healing practice I am seeing more and more clients that are just as low as they can get. In my sixty years on this planet, I have never seen it like this.

A man that I respected studied the Mayan Calendar and he saw the predictions of this time in history. His exact words were that time has started “speeding faster” and many will feel they have lost their minds. Simple tasks will become very hard to complete with this energy. He advised that in this shift we need to stay grounded more than ever. magdalene3

I am fighting to keep up with the trauma of those I love and even animals are reacting to all the fear and anxiety. We have reached a tipping point. Many of us that knew this time was coming and had thought maybe 2012. The Bible says “no one will know the exact hour or day, not the Angels in Heaven or the Son of Man….only the Father would know. It also says “no eye hath seen, or ear hath heard the beauty that God hath prepared for His Children.” I have had glimpses of this beauty. I know that those of us that struggle through every single day wonder when it’s going to end.

Our politics and arguments between people that had always been of like mind, sadly has changed. So much information spewed on the media and through propaganda everyone is disgusted and giving it all too much validity. We were warned many years ago, someone would come to be a “Savior”. Convince many that He is the answer to all the woes. I believe that someone is now here, because there is a solid division in our world of what is right and what is wrong. Many have lost the common decency of respect for another fellow human. People have pointed the blame on race or gender. We do not have a society that is equal. We do have the rich controlling us. Those rich are behind the scenes pulling the strings and you never hear their names. They make sure we are all quarreling over issues that they have carefully orchestrated so we are not aware that our basic rights are being removed behind the scenes. The Native Peoples in America and in Australia have witnessed this for many years. All the promises made to them, we broken. For every woman in every country they have never had the basic right to equal pay.

I don’t believe in an angry, jealous or wrathful God. That God was created by men with a need to control the masses. I do believe in the energy of LOVE and that is God/dess to me. A Creator that loves all of his/her creation. I believe that anytime we sincerely ask for help, it is given. It might not come as we expected, but it does come.

If we want integrity and respect back in our world again. We are responsible for that. Each and EVERY ONE of us plays a role in how things progress. We need to stop blaming outside of ourselves for this corruption. There are more of us than there are of “them” who control the drama. Our need for things fast and cheap brought right into our homes a lack of quality.

How many take the time to sincerely ask in prayer or affirmation for fear to be removed and truth to be shown? I do this in every healing and every client I help. I do this in my choice of voting or not. I get answers, sometimes not quick enough because I am very impatient. However, I always get answers.

I live by synchronicity and I so love Carl Jung for bringing that awareness to us. I truly believe that our Creators, Father and Mother send us messages this way. It’s amazing when it starts happening consistently. My husband now shares his with me and my dear friends as well.

Many of you see me as a “pushy broad” and I will gladly take that assessment. The one description given to me of anyone who has known me deeply, was that I am “real” and I am honest. My husband after 3 years (and they have been interesting to say the least) he knows no matter how upset I get, I want the best for him and those around me. I do my best to always provide that. So my dear friends and those that read this who don’t know me, I have a sincere request. Please, ask in your heart, I beg of you? Quiet your mind and be still and ask if your choices are made from fear or from Faith. If you don’t believe in a Higher power….let’s rename faith …with “Goodness”.

The End Days are indeed among us, our decisions do affect the greater good for all. Not just humans, but nature and all the innocent creatures who don’t get to vote. What choices are you making? Remember not making a choice …is still making one.

I give my sincere love to you because you are my brothers and sisters. WE are part of one family of Mother Earth, and maybe it’s as simple as that. What would be the best choice for our beautiful Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants? And So It Is!!



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Her expertise is in the area of discernment regarding relationships and knowing the difference between "Twin Flame" or "Soulmate". She will guide you to your highest calling whether it be career or life path. Magdalene has worked many years in the health care field, with an emphasis on nutrition, she address the issues of Mind Body and Spirit, the true trinity of wellbeing.

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2 thoughts on “The End Of Days

  1. Joanne

    I myself sometime wonder why I have to go through so much pain and I keep calling on my God , I haven’t get an answer as yet but I’m not giving up


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