By Magdalene: Why are you waiting? Are you waiting for an ex to come back? Are you waiting for a new date to call you? Maybe waiting for a Knight in Shining Armor to sweep you off your feet? Possibly waiting for your soul mate?

In most readings we all do are women waiting for a man. Very rarely we do get a man waiting for a woman, but that is extremely rare. Waiting is not productive or good for you, no matter what the reason. We didn’t come here to find a mate. We came to this life to fulfill our Divine Purpose. That purpose is to help the world in some way, which you are already gifted in. It’s not a struggle. You won’t be asked to do something you wouldn’t like. Your soul already decided this before you came here, but you don’t remember. Your job is to remember and do it!

magdalene3 Back “Home” where we all came from. We signed up to learn and to help. This is Earth School and we must complete the courses or we will have to come back and do them all again. Relationships are secondary to our mission here. The love that most of us seek does not come from outside, but inside of each of us. We can never truly understand someone else, forgive someone else, inspire someone else or grow with someone else until we have done those things for ourselves.

We have all bought into the “hype” of love stories, movies and love songs. Thinking that we must have someone or there is something wrong. This is propaganda that has been going on for a very long time to get us all off track of what we truly are here for. We are tested and tested and most people fail the romance, infatuation test and label it love.

It is an absolute fact that we don’t truly know someone until we have been with them every day for about two years. What most think is love is desire. All of us at young and old ages have our hormones doing the thinking for us and that can lead us to a world of trouble. “Lust” is the word, not love!

If you have lived to the age of 30, I know you have thought several people were “The One” only to find out there is no way they were anything you thought they were. The sad part is most of us don’t learn and keep repeating the patterns of jumping too fast, committing too soon, over and over again. Then each time it takes another piece of our self-esteem. What you don’t realize is you are self-sabotaging. When we spend half of your days thinking about him or her, wondering if they are thinking about you, we are wasting valuable time that we should be using to literally fall in love with our self. This might sound difficult, but I promise you, until you know your own wants and needs, there is no way you could possibly understand someone else’s.

What do you love to talk about? What do you get excited thinking about? Don’t you dare tell me a guy or a girl! This is about YOU….and your purpose, your mission, your “calling”. When you find this and give it your all, you will build confidence and start enjoying your own company. You will not feel lonely and you will be so busy your “alone” time gives you the freedom you will enjoy. Not to mention, you will be helping the world to be a bit better. This is why you came here.

Ladies, men don’t wait for you to call. Ladies, men don’t think about you every second of every day. Men are busy with business, with careers. You should be busy with those same things as well. The sad part is they were probably taught this as children, women were taught to find a man. This is outdated and so antiquated now. We don’t need our man to go slay the dinosaur for our food any longer. Or, protect us from the wild animals while we are living in a cave. We have grocery stores now and nice secure homes. We must heal this need inside or ourselves and take our power back. Men don’t like “NEEDY” women. Remember, their Mothers raised them. They expect you to be stronger and confident. Men play with needy women, they don’t marry them!

It’s easy to avoid growing up if we keep focusing on someone else all the time, but eventually that is going to take a toll on you. Self-love must be your first love. That is not selfish, that is crucial to your mental, emotional and Spiritual health!

If you are sitting by your phone, checking your email every second to see if he/she has written you then you are addicted to the chase. When you are healthy, you appreciate hearing from someone, but if you don’t, you function perfectly and enjoy your own time.

Isn’t interesting that when a dear friend doesn’t contact us for months and when they do, we are happy with no pressure or asking / demanding why they waited so long to call? Why do we not give the same respect to someone we are dating? The answer is basic, but very few people get it. We are not happy with our own company and we can’t occupy ourselves. How is that going to make a good partner for anyone?

Take courses in something you love. Discover books that motivate you. Go out with your dear friends that were always there for you when the last date dropped you as fast as a hot potato. Enjoy your own company because you have taken the time to find out what you like. If you don’t invest in you, how can you possibly think someone else will?

I have asked thousands of people “what would they love to do if I could give them the money or training they needed to do absolutely anything they desire?” Very few ever know the answer. That is terribly sad. TAKE BACK YOUR POWER and invest all that time you spend waiting for someone else, and put it back into yourself!



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Her expertise is in the area of discernment regarding relationships and knowing the difference between "Twin Flame" or "Soulmate". She will guide you to your highest calling whether it be career or life path. Magdalene has worked many years in the health care field, with an emphasis on nutrition, she address the issues of Mind Body and Spirit, the true trinity of wellbeing.

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3 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Crystal

    This is so true and I’m grateful for being able to have a session with magdalene and to learn so much and I truly have a sense of security from talking to her, she truly cares and has a fantastic gift

  2. William

    why do woman put men down I sorry I dis agree with your opening statement Men are not all the same I am in touch with my feminine side it make me more a man as I understand woman they are complicated animals men are driven buy sex woman driven mentally’
    I agree and disagree with what you say Maggie and why can’t men wait for woman ??
    There is nothing wrong with waiting, Universal Law says all good things come to all who wait,


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