Love Vows For The New Year

By Brenda: There is no doubt that love makes the world go around. As a professional psychic for over 25 years, I can say with certainty that ninety percent of all readings revolve around love and love relationships. New love, old love, unresolved love and the future of a love relationship. When the love in your life becomes stuck, stagnant or even running off the skids, it is time for a reset in the area of love.


What better time than the beginning of a new year. Resetting can also mean re-energizing and can give you a better perspective on the new future of your love situation. Where the past love situations have become complicated a new energy brought into the situation can work miracles. So where do we start? How can that be accomplished? 

Simply, It begins with making new love vows. Vows or promises to yourself that open the way for success in your love relationships. Vows that start with loving yourself and projecting positive energy. This positive, confident energy goes a long way in attracting equal positive love energy. Like attracts like! Beginning to see the world around you as a glass half full rather than half empty is a shift that is felt by everyone around you.

So your first vow is: Love thyself! This is the most important vow, if you want to attract love or keep a love that you already have. Your aura of self love and positive energy acts like a golden energy magnet that makes people want to be close to you. I know it is not always easy, especially when you feel down inside ore that a particular relationship is spinning out of your control. It helps taking a deep breath and project a positive outcome and be accepting that the outcome may not be exactly how you envisioned.

Your second vow is:  Let Go. Letting go of negative relationship energies from the past and releasing the fears associated with them creates an opening for new love to flourish and to breathe new energy into an old love. In the cosmic pattern of the universe, everything acts on the principles of cause and effect. When you create an opening it will be filled and only your fear of letting go can block that. When you truly are able to let go you are able to let go of personal anxiety, fear and expectations. This act of letting go is like a pebble dropped into a pond. It creates ripples that in turn find their way to the welcoming shore of true and lasting love.

The third vow is: Visualize your perfect love. This vow is very important and works with the intuition that we all possess. Many times I have heard clients say: “I knew he or she was not right for me because I could not see myself in their life”. This is the proverbial square peg syndrome, where no matter how hard you desire, wish or crave to be with someone they just don’t fit in your life. Visualizing a perfect love first starts with elements of the relationship that you feel you must have to be content. Attraction is next and then availability. Many times even though there is a strong karmic connection one or both of you are not free to explore it in this lifetime. Your perfect love is all about timing two souls connecting at the right time for the right reasons!

The fourth vow is: Availability. You will almost never find your perfect love if you do not put your energy out there. Even online dating is a way to seed the universe for your new love. If you are truly serious that 2020 is the year that you find your soulmate, you need to do a little fishing and just like fishing realize not all of the fish are the greatest catch for you. Go out in the real world where you may find a partner with similar interests, if you an invitation to a gathering of friends or a special event, go!

In the case of wanting to rekindle an old love, bringing back the friendship and romance without the drama creates a fresh new you with a fresh new outlook for the relationship. Realizing that people can embrace changes in their behavior.

The fifth and final vow is: Be grateful. Be grateful for all the gift the universe has bestowed on you in the area of love. Those gifts would include, the special attraction between you and a lover for however long it lasts. The gift of being part of a love relationship in the past and the gift of attaining one in the future. Being grateful is one of the hardest things to do because it involves selflessness. Being able to let go of all of the negative experiences that have happened in love and to be thankful for the gifts and lessons it has brought us no matter long or short they have been. Realizing that love is not only black and white but many shades in between and sometimes a twin flame arrives in our life like a fiery comet and then is gone in a matter of weeks. All of these relationships with the exception of the truly abusive relationship have the power to bring you closer and closer to the one true love. Everyone’s timing in finding their true love is different, when it does not happen right away or with someone you feel is the one it only means a better love will arrive in its own time.



Love and Light,


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