Love Letters

By Brenda: Communication between lovers has changed in the last fifty years and sometimes for the worst! The art of letter writing has gone away to be replaced by text messages, Instagram and Snapchat. Even emails are becoming outdated with all contact revolving around social media and various apps. Whole relationships are started through chats and texts and ended the same way without actually meeting in person.

What is wrong with this picture? And why do these types of relationships eventually crash and burn? 


On our Mother’s day or even Grandmother’s day, people took the time to sit down and write a love letter to that special person in their life. These letters were full of personal stories and feelings that revealed who they were and what their intentions were in the relationship. Honest, straightforward and from the heart so that their loved one did not have any doubt about how they felt or where they stood in the relationship. In a text message, it is easy to say things and make promises that can be misunderstood and too easy to misrepresent the truth. Even easier to dip out and drop off the face of the earth without warning!

So if these are all forms of communications that are the new normal what would be the benefit of corresponding  through an actual letter or email letter?  

Imagine really having to sit down and contemplate how you really feel about a person. To put thought into your words and to paint a picture of your life for a loved one to connect with. This takes a commitment. A commitment of personal time, taken out of your busy life to actually sit down and create a letter, not just punch out a text while watching television or waiting in line at a coffee shop?

Love letters are powerful tools in the area of love. One, because a thoughtful letter reveals the true humanity of a person and two, because the person receiving it has to stop whatever thing they are doing and read and absorb it. Love letters can come in the form of friendship and getting to know a person can also convey feelings that have been unsaid, buried or ignored between two people.  

If you are in a relationship and feel like there has been some type of misunderstanding writing a letter can sometimes present things clearer than even a phone call. If you have deep feelings that need to be expressed to a loved one you have broken up with a love letter can go a long way in bringing peace to the both of you. It can also give perspective to the relationship so that both of you can see a way to bring things back together again. Creative love letters with thoughtful poems, words and jokes can lighten the hearts of loved ones who are feeling down.  

Love letters written and never sent are powerful as well. Just the act of sitting down and conveying your feelings in the letter becomes a cathartic act that will bring some closure to a relationship that has ended. The letter then can be burned or buried, creating an ending on your terms. On another note a  traumatic break up, one that has ended without any explanation can sometimes open up through the power of a love letter. True feelings and apologies are sometimes easier put down on paper than in the heat of an argument and your lover once having received your letter has your undivided attention as he or she reads it.


Love and Light,


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