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There comes a time in life when we find ourselves lost in love. To be lost in love is a magical moment that life allows us to feel. What is love? Love has many definitions, but what I call love, love is On going contentment and happiness within oneself, and when one can love themselves they can love others, they can love the world. This is what I believe love is. What does it mean for you?

You can meet many people in life, fall in ‘love’ or ‘lust’ as I like to call it. More often than not we mistake lust for love. Not a silly mistake a very normal one, which without making it we would not learn nor be lead to our true destiny. We Must love in lust in life before we truly completely Love…

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When we meet our match, or friend, our soulmate we often feel the same early signs of lust or love, that excitement, that heart beat, that feeling of being so drawn to that significant other, to feeling such happiness in thought about them, yes these are the real signs of love however how do we know this is love and not lust.

There are several ways we can find the answer to this.. Firstly 1) Ask yourself if you are have any doubt within about this person? If the answer is yes then they are not your fate, as real love a real soul mate will not allow you room to feel doubt within your soul and the first answer to this question would be no you feel no doubt 2) Do they make you laugh? to have a partner who makes you laugh and shares your sense of humor is a key sign that they share the same energy as you and this shows me that they are on the same level as you, that it is indeed much more than lust. 3) is this person your best friend? When asking yourself this question, what comes to mind? if the answer is Yes then they are indeed a compatible love so much more than lust. Do you feel you are your own person with this person? Its important to never have a person to ‘complete you, you must feel completed within yourself as who you are, a partner real love is someone who adds to that person who can bring great happiness, they do not have the role of completing you, if you feel they do then its important to look within yourself, are you ready for love even if they may be the right one for you?

Now often times people get lost in love. now this is what I am here to talk about today. Lost in love. we have all been there we have all felt this helpless way. To feel lost in love is to be seeking love from the significant other whom you feel love for, it is to not receive the love you want and need oh so much from that person, it is a constant feeling of being lost within yourself. No person should ever feel lost in love. To feel lost in love there are many possible reasons for this, however one which always comes back to me so often than not is timing. One partner one love being ready and the other not. This is for me what I call lost in love as timing creates one of the lovers to feel lost within the love they have for the other person. Now this person may be their soulmate indeed, just because timing is not right does not mean they are not meant to be with that person­ this is one mistake so many people often make and because of it will often
walk away and never have a life with their soulmate.

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We look at a clock day in and day out, breakfast lunch, dinner,meetings, bedtime. For many reasons throughout our day. Well the universe has its own ‘clock’, its own set time for each and every person and each occurrence in one’s life. There is a right time for everything and in relationships there is a right time, we often try to make things work and the reason they dont is always timing. This is something if people were to come to grasp and truly understand the world would be a very different place, the world would have a very different mindset.

Now to be Lost in love is a true sign that your timing is not right, that this is not the time for you, that you must take a path of self discovery and self love before you are to invest your time and energy into the love of a significant other, if they are your soulmate, doing so will not stop your path with them regardless you will always be led back to your soulmate. To be Lost in love is normal, but i do not believe it is right as No true relationship should allow you to feel lost or overwhelmed in love. This is a sign it’s not your true Timing.

Dont be lost in love, be sure in love, be happy in love, be content in love, don’t be lost in love, be wise in love, be strong in love, be sure in love, don’t be lost in love be you in love, love you, love your soul, love within, then look you can love others, then you are ready to love your significant other, to love your soulmate to love your life.

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