How To Deal With Loss

By Francis: To understand life, we need to understand loss and change. Things can’t always stay the same forever and it’s inevitable that we will suffer loss throughout our lives. There is the end of relationships, loss of a loved one, losing a job, health problems. There’s nothing we can do to stop this happening so it’s simpler to try to address the situation in a healthier frame of mind besides wallowing in it too much.

francis3 When a relationship ends it feels like we will never be ourselves again, it’s like the whole world is falling apart. If it is well and truly over it really should not encourage you to keep in contact with this person preventing you from moving on. It’s a good idea to be kind to yourself and take a bit of time out in preparation perhaps to meet someone new. Hygiene, healthy food and exercise with a good dose of treating yourself is key to inner peace. Mindfulness and mediation lays the groundwork also to settle negative thoughts and habits.

Death is final, it is obsolete and heart breaking. Time really is a healer and talking about how you feel is very important as bottling up feelings never helps anyone. Daily routine and sticking to tried methods to alleviate stress is helpful. Losing yourself in the deep dark hole of loss is possible therefore having something to do or look forward to is vital to keep spirits lifted. Once the dust has settled it is good to think about the person who has gone in a positive way, remembering the good times and the happy memories you had together. The finality of it all is a lot to handle. Photographs, old letters should be fondly kept and stored as mementos. Keeping ashes or visiting a grave or monument can help to reconnect with the departed individual and can make us feel sated in the knowledge that they have moved onto a better place than the earthly realm.

There are many forms of spiritual intervention, talking to a psychic, crystal work, reiki healing are all good forms of therapy. It’s very encouraging to release negative energy which could be blocking your chakras. Deep thinking, mediation can help you focus on re-balancing your field. It is vitally important to reach for the light and to hold out hope for the future. Imagine yourself bathed in a white or yellow hue which radiates around you healing your energy field. If you are knowledgeable about crystals you can align yourself with them and meditate. Swimming is another way to re energize yourself, especially in salt water which would break the toxins from your aura.


All in all, don’t suffer alone, reach out and talk to someone. Loss if a part of life and we can’t escape it unfortunately.

Love and Light,


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