Look inside your Soul.

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!
Everything you are looking for is already inside of you.
Its imprinted deep down in your DNA.
Everything that you will need to get through this human existence is right there.
It’s easy for you to access it at anytime.

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So what’s holding you back from exploring all the inner wisdom and knowledge that was given to you?
Why are you scared to go deeper inside your soul and unlock the door of infinite possibility that is the gateway to sacred knowledge?

You know you hold the key within to unlock every door, holding every potential within your soul.
You are the key to discovering the essence of your true origin.

Like my angels always say: “Meditation is the key to our development”, because they know that the answers we seek are held deep each and every one of us. When we meditate, there is an opportunity to dwell within, uncover the soul and hear the voice of spirit.

When often, we feel lost and confused, searching for answers everywhere, we forget to look within, when all along, the simple truth is that YOU ARE THE KEY to unlocking all the answers to life’s Questions.

There is an ancient ‘library’ of information stored within your soul matrix, waiting to be discovered and, all you need to do, is imagine a large, well-bound book within, with golden pages totally untouched by time, that has been waiting just for you, for a thousand life time’s and, is your heritage holding the wisdom of the ages.

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While you follow your path through this life, the book often gathers dust- see that as a metaphor of the spiritual identity you hold, if you will- and remember that it so badly wants you to reach out to it and embrace your birthright.

So what are you waiting for?

Close your eyes and relax.
Find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted.
Go into meditation and focus on your breathing.
Allow your mind to find a peaceful quiet place within and deeply contemplate the Question you would like answered.

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Now visualize a big golden book appear in front of you and, allow yourself tp tune into your inner self, or ‘book of Ancient knowledge”.

Do not doubt what you hear and feel, for it comes from the spirit.
You can practice this a few times until you feel more comfortable with the experience and, in time you will find it easier to hear your own Holy Guardian Angels voice guiding you towards a personal revelation that can be life-changing.

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