Longing For Love

By Aleece: Hoping there is someone for you to love and love you? You want to feel special and belong to someone. Perhaps you are just coming out of a relationship that is leaving you wanting more from your next one?

Dear beautiful soul, you are poised for expansion! And grace is here to shine a light on a new perspective.

If you are used to thinking that love means finding just one special person, ‘The One’, and loving them more than anyone or anything else in the world, holding onto their form for dear life, then I offer a new idea of love. A love more expansive.


First, know you are lovable. Society may say you are not, unless someone else loves you. This is a limiting belief and causes you to seek being completed by another. You think you need another person to validate you and make you happy.

Truth is you are complete. Discover loving yourself and you can be happy right now. This creates ease for you. This is stepping into your power. This can be true even if you feel devastated by a partner who betrayed you with another- -that is all blood under the bridge. You can’t hold on to rejection.  It’s pointless. Don’t give energy to a downspiral by focusing on the wrong actions.

The best thing to do at this stage in the game, rather than look for the right partner, is do the work to BE the right partner. Empower yourself by focusing on what you have, yourself. Let the action be to build up and focus on you. Understand who you are, where you are, where you came from, so you can then invite in a compatible suitable partner. This present moment is the time to invest in yourself. I do not mean a new outfit or car. The investment is IN yourself.

To that end,  keep a journal, ask yourself what does your heart long for, and if you could have what you really think would fit you, how would that benefit you? Using the superpower of your imagination and what you long for, will bring to light what Spirit has put inside you that is there to manifest. That is the light side- and then there is the shadow side to explore-interview friends about your own weaknesses, and discuss what triggers reactions and behaviors in order to understand your own issues, hot buttons, and values. Being blind to these, causes people to experience problems and blame it on someone else. We all have these growing edges. The best thing we can do is be aware of them, take responsibility for them, and learn how to work with them effectively. The journal can help you reflect on the light and shadows and you emerge seeing yourself more fully. The Journal is also a go to for recording what you are grateful for and  when you witness acts of kindness that touch your heart. Tuning into what makes your heart open and focusing on gratitude will carry you in this time as you do this inner work.

Inviting in a compatible partner starts with getting to know yourself and loving all of yourself. When you see yourself in the light of understanding, and choose to not judge yourself anything other than lovable, say to your image in the mirror- “I love you. I hear you. I see you. You matter. You are enough. You are lovable.”  This is very powerful, and causes a depth in you. You are going to be in this relationship with yourself the longest of any, so develop it as a long term love relationship. Be the right partner first for yourself. You are The One, and then you will be ready for Your Match. This isn’t revealed in romance novels or movies, but it is the behind the scenes work.

Loving yourself is revealed in action. Plan for your success, be intentional. Do you want to be able to walk and see the sunset, be energetic with a partner? Now is the time to support your health and happiness. Also recognize any sabotaging of that is a lingering fear of showing up for yourself. Empowering yourself is like Wonder woman standing firm in who she is, (or Superman out of his Clark Kent persona). Stand in the light of love now. Be loving and happy now and then you are ready to share it with another. You see, this is a clarion call of high attraction. Avoid going on the prowl for someone to latch onto to make your life complete. The thought of that even gives a bad vibe, doesn’t it? It is important to be comfortable being with yourself. Having said that, you also  need to create opportunities to socialize, mingle with others in healthy ways of connection.

Open yourself to a deep and big love. Loving first yourself deeply, then loving the entire world. Embrace loving us all as The One, allowing that boundless presence to shine through all relationships, big and small, allowing that soft light to seep through all your ordinary encounters, rendering everyday extraordinary.

You have always been with The One, friend, and it was always inseparable from your own presence. I trust with this new perspective gained, you find LOVE, beyond the lover and their beloved, to being loving, being love itself – the greatest joy of all. Start with yourself and let it ripple out. The shoreline will feel the wave of love and can send you a compatible partner. Reciprocity at work.

I am glad to support you and hold space for you on your journey. You are not alone.


Love and Light,


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